Friday Happy: Cuteness

I have a silly little boy.   He just got this jumper from his Grandma last weekend.

Chicken & Rice

My family has their own cookbook.  Over half of the thing is desserts because.. well, we're bakers.
One of our recipes is Chicken and Rice, a family staple.  I tend to make it when I don't feel like putting much effort into cooking or is someone isn't feeling well.  It's kinna a cousin to chicken soup.

Details on the new adventure.

Our little family

I have been hinting at the new family adventure for awhile now, and here is what we have going on..

Friday Happy: Can he make it?-part 2

Did you see the video last week?  Well here is part 2 and what happened every other time he tried it... See why we freaked out in the other video?

Aren't guys great?

DIY diaper wipes and solution

So we have LONG established that I'm a gung-ho cloth diapering mom who loves to DIY everything I can.. so is it any suprise that I make my own wipes and solution?  Nah.. didn't think so.
Well here is how I do it.
You will need: a box to hold your wipes. (I find that the Kroger brand wipes box works best for this, their wipes suck but the box is fantastic!),  Bottle to mix in (squirt bottles work great, we got that one for free at a Dollar general grand opening), baby oil, aloe vera gel, your favorite baby shampoo, and wipes.  To make our wipes we took 4 flannel receiving blankets (we use the rest at Flat diapers when we need them) and cut them into squares the size of the wipes that came in the box, about 6"x6"  I surged the edges but you don't have too.  You can also use the CHEAP baby wash cloths.  The expensive ones have to much grip and won't "pop-up" well.

Busy weekend and an even buisier week

R-L Top: Purreed Pear (lil bro thinks it looks like pureed people.. ), Triple berry Jam.   R-L Bottom: Sliced pear, dehydrated pear, Gumbo Starter (mom's newest canning idea), Dehydrated apple.

So.. we've had a busy weekend here at the pond... can ya tell?