Don't always cook alone.

Did you know that you don't have to cook EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL.  At your home? 

 Even though my husband has spent the past 7 years working in a professional kitchen, I have still been doing nearly all of the cooking.  If someone else was cooking it was to give me a "break".  Does this mean my husband has started taking over some of the meals?  No, he drives me crazy in my kitchen and my kitchen drives him crazy!  Nope I got some new help!  Over a year ago we won a contest that gave us a cooking course. We completed the beginner course and accepted the challenge to do a regular meal for each student.  Most seem to do a dinner but being homeschoolers we did a lunch.  Each kid now has one lunch that they are in charge of each week.  We have developed into a pattern.  Lil'C makes spaghetti on Monday, Lil'K makes Sandwiches, and Baby K makes Tuna!  

Lil'C uses pre-cooked hamburger and canned spaghetti sauce using ramen noodles,
  Lil'K needs coraling so she doesn't get TOO creative, and Baby K requires a MUCH larger mixing bowl to compensate for her 3 year old motor skills.  

They have all been very proud of their cooking days and take them very seriously.  If for some reason we have to miss their day, we have to make it up another meal.  

We have had to add a few tools to our arsenal of kitchen tools (affiliates):
We also added 2 Y-peelers, a one-handed chopper and a handful of kid sized kitchen tools. 

We enjoyed the course and results so much that we are now redoing it with some homeschool friends.  Baby K is taking it seriously for the first time and I expect after we finish the beginner, the big kids will go on to intermediate.  The class works for multiple ages.  I suggest checking out all the details here:

Kid's Cook Real Food

In full disclosure I am an affiliate (because I love it!) so I can let you in on a little secret...  don't buy it today!   Seriously!   Wait for Cyber Monday!  You will thank me.  
It would be a great gift FOR a grandparent or FROM a grandparent.  If you get the forever version then you can re-do the class as kiddos get older, like we are doing.  It is also more fun in a group, but messy.  That is part of the fun though isn't it?  
I would love to know if you get it, and don't let disabilities get in the way, check out #kidscookrealfood and #kidscookrealfoodmodified on Instagram!

See ya in the Kitchen!  

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