So... if the bushes die... I know why.

This morning I had my 1st "offical" bout of morning sickness (luckly I hadn't eaten anything yet) My DH was driving me to work. I gagged at a stoplight (3 blocks from my office) & fought it the rest of the way to my office. As soon as he pulled in the parking lot I jumped out of the car & lost my non-existant breakfast in the bushes... yep.. that was diffrent. DH just sat in the car & laughed. I'm sure many of the cars that were driving by were thinking... "well she had a fun weekend..." Nope... just pregnant. Maybe some of them guessed that too... :P
Well today at 3 is my 1st Ultrasound( I will be posting pics tommorow on FB & prob here) Hubby want's to post the first baby announcement (something sarcastic) 1st. so i'm humoring. I told him he has to do it tonight 'cuz I'm posting pics tommorow. I'm kinna worried what he will put.

Projects: Right now I'm Still in the middle of the Mermaid fingerless gloves... I prob won't get back to them till after C'mas. I'm also working on a Kitty Ear hat for my nieace for C'mas. I'm gonna make a ear cover thing for my LBs GF. She has really fluffy read hair so she doesn't like hats. I also have plans for a binary scarf for my FIL. We have NO CLUE what to give my MIL. maybe a photo book or something.... *shrugs* any ideas?

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