Tea Rose Home Link Love

Tea Rose Home does a Link party once a week.   I figured I would join it this week.
Wanna Join?  What have you made lately?

Here is mine.  I got inspired by Made by Rae's Celebrate the Boy month and came up with these..  I plan on writing a tutorial soon!

Check out his little Jumper! He is hanging out with his cousin.

Happy Birthday Lil' C!

Today is Lil' C's Birthday. It has been a fun yet emotional day. We were interviewed for a local paper, which brought back many feelings and memories. This time last year I was in recovery and he was being installed (yep like a computer) in the NICU. I didn't lay eyes on him until the next day. I'm still dealing with those emotions.
He enjoyed most of the day, and REALLY enjoyed his cupcake. He thought everyone singing the birthday song was HILLARIOUS! While it sent me into tears...
It was a fantastic day, and one we thought we would never see.

St. Patrick's Day

We had a busy day yesterday. Synergis shot in the morning, and then we ran a few.. Ok.. Quite a few errands. JcPenny, shopping, O2 stop, and a few more. Christopher took a few naps in his brand new sling we got at penny's. It's green! :) I actually made it in store from a scarf/wrap thing. Worked GREAT! It's comfy and comes in a rainbow!
We even picked up the party supplies. I am looking forward to seeing who all comes Saturday!
While shopping we ran into one of my mom's bosses. He thought Lil' C was asleep in the new "sling" and peeked over my shoulder.. Yeah he was snacking and the only angle you could see anything from was above :P. He embarrassed himself. I didn't even know he had done it till my mom started laughing at his reaction. I thought it was hilarious!

Last St.Patrick's day was a pretty fun day.. Considering.Last year

Being Kanga and Roo

Kangarooing (also sometimes called "skin to skin") is some of my happiest NICU memories.
Rooing is where you hold the baby (fantastic right!) on your chest in direct skin contact. The babies have to be a bit stable. Although they stabilize while being rooed, they can tank when being put back in their isolates. Our NICU would not allow us to roo while he was still on the vent or on bad days, he also had be over 2.5 lbs I think.. But I can't remember very well. Weight limits will vary NICU to NICU.
There has been and continues to be a good bit of research going into rooing. There have also been studies showing that micro & standard preemies stabilize faster when the post delivery procedures are done using mom as a table, but she has to lie really still. I hope to never need to put that knowledge to use.

Breastfeeding in the NICU

Nursing in the NICUThe day finally comes when the nurse let's you know "how do you feel like trying to feed today?". Try not jumping up and down while cheering (they don't like it).