St. Patrick's Day

We had a busy day yesterday. Synergis shot in the morning, and then we ran a few.. Ok.. Quite a few errands. JcPenny, shopping, O2 stop, and a few more. Christopher took a few naps in his brand new sling we got at penny's. It's green! :) I actually made it in store from a scarf/wrap thing. Worked GREAT! It's comfy and comes in a rainbow!
We even picked up the party supplies. I am looking forward to seeing who all comes Saturday!
While shopping we ran into one of my mom's bosses. He thought Lil' C was asleep in the new "sling" and peeked over my shoulder.. Yeah he was snacking and the only angle you could see anything from was above :P. He embarrassed himself. I didn't even know he had done it till my mom started laughing at his reaction. I thought it was hilarious!

Last St.Patrick's day was a pretty fun day.. Considering.Last year

DH had gotten to UMC the day before, and he got to come to his first doplar/ultrasound. Our hopes were high that my BP was going down, lil' C was behaving, it was looking like I would be on bedrest for awhile. I did spend most of the day telling him "even though it is mommy's favorite day, I don't want to see you yet. Be a good boy and stay where you are". And he did for one more full day. It was a happy day, but today was better. :)

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