Cabbage Patch Doll Hat

Baby's first wigSo I have made the only piece of k's costume that I need to make for this Halloween. It's a cabbage patch doll hat! And it is crazy easy!

First start with a hat pattern in the desired size (all over the Internet!, check Basic hat

Then you need long strips of yarn. . Fringe makingx. I wrapped mine around a legal pad and made one cut across.

Then attach fringe.Fringe

And more fringe Almost there
You put a lot around your starting ring and then scatter it. I was doing one every two-four stitches. I did one every other stitch around the edge.
Style your "hair". I used pipe cleaners to hold it on place with ribbon on top but you can use regular hair ties. Bangs are a bit long.

Trim bangs and place on cute properly attired baby.
Lil'C and Lil'K fully decked out for Halloween.   Lil'C went as Chief of Pediatric Cardiology Surgery, MP ToF :)

Tah Dah! Cabbage patch costume! 


  1. Dumb question but how do you attach the fringe? Do you loop it through and have both halves of one strong on each side of where you looped it?


  2. I found another amazing Cabbage Patch Kid Hat Pattern here:


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