I drink from a sippy cup.. Friday Happy

I have had this song stuck in for days!! ... So I figured I would share!
It starts at after the theme song but this was the closest I could find.

yeah.. try and keep that out of your head now!  Yep, you can now hate me :P

Lil' C has gotten pretty good at his Tommee Tippee Sippy cups. I highly suggest these, but not the ones with the harder spouts.. he had problems with those.  Their bottle with a cereal nipple was the only one he could use at all, in the beginning.  He never got very good at any bottles.  I like alot of the TT products.. although they are rather expensive, we just don't buy many.  Sippy cups sure make car trips easier, though!


  1. My older one never liked the bottle either, so we didn't even try with the 2nd one. =p We got one sippy cup with the hard spout and they didn't like that either. We didn't stay with the soft spout for too long since both girls ended up liking the straw cups best. Isn't it crazy how many different options are out there?

  2. One of our four of my children didn't take a bottle; though we tried hard. All the others took it just fine as I recall. I don't think we would have tried as hard if someone else refused. She also nursed the longest. But I was glad for a cup & some other food to provide flexibility to our days. I just recently cleared out my sippy cups -- all the wrong kinds from what they recommend now. It's hard to believe that we survived!

  3. @Joyceandnorm Thank goodness for options!!

    @Kathleen Don't you love the "experts" recommendations? Isn't it shocking that anyone survived before they came along and told us what to do :P


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