Toddler Ornament DIY

My family loves to make Ornaments at Christmas time.   This is rather difficult to do with a toddler...  so here is what I came up with.

Very very easy.
Clear plastic ornament (got mine from Michael's) but a ceramic one would work as well.  I just wouldn't suggest glass.
Acrylic Paint- red, green and white.
Soft paint brush (about 1" wide)
Moist towel or wipe
Dry towel
Cup of water (I prefer to use an old plastic coffee can)
Some where to hang wet ornament, nearby and out of reach of small hands
Willing toddler in messable clothes

Place a squirt of each of the paint colors on your plate.
Use paint brush to apply paint to hand of toddler.  Have toddler grab or pat the ornament, I turned mine as he was enthusiastically "pat pat"ing it. Once you finish with warm color hang ornament out of  toddler's reach.  Use moist towel to wipe paint off of hand and follow with dry towel.  Give the ornament a couple of minutes to dry before applying next color so that you don't end up with a brown, pink, light green and tan ornament.  Repeat process for each color.
Hang to dry and clean toddler, yourself and whatever surface you are working on  :P

Also would make a good grandparent gift or gift tag.  It is a rather quick process, the set-up and clean-up is what took us the longest, and it wasn't that bad.

Still Cookin'!

Well today I am 27weeks and 2 days pregnant!!!!!!!   I am further than I got with Lil'C who was born at 27weeks 1day.  So to celebrate... Coupon code for my etsy shop for my readers!!
I'll leave it till Lil'K makes her appearance or..I run out of stock, whichever comes first.

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Repairing elastic in Smartipants

We all know that I use cloth diapers, and I love them.  But after so many washings and tons of abuse elastic can begin to wear out, just like any article of clothing.  I searched the web for a tutorial for repairing Smartipants (my favorite brand and the majority of my stash) elastic but couldn't find one, so I'm making one!

Now before you proceed...  following these steps WILL DESTROY YOUR WARRENTY! So if you still have your warranty contact Smartipants FIRST!  If, like me, it was already shot due to using baking soda or something in the wash, then continue.  Or, if you don't care about destroying your warranty and just want it fixed today.