Kitty Ears Hat

:updated 3/22/2011
 This is a project I have been working on for a little bit. It is actually for my niece for Christmas (she's a toddler, hence why the hat looks streched, it's not supposed to go on an adult)
Pattern (only my 2nd so critiques welcome)
Notations: size 7 Circular Needles or Double points... whatever your most comfortable with.
Cast on 32 30 apparently I miscounted.. I created the pattern after the hat was completed.
Join (it's made from the top down)
Knit in Round for 6"

Ribbing Pattern: K3, P3
Pattern around for 1"
Stay with pattern. (Mark Direction)(You will be making short rows.. it is confusing.  This or this should help)
Pattern for 3 sections, Turn
^Pattern for 6 sections, Turn (ignore all other sections, leave on needles "Reserved Stitches")
*Pattern till end, Move 1 stitch to reserved, Turn, pattern 1 stitch, remove to reserved stitches*
Repeat ** until only 1 stitch is left^
Continue pattern in original direction until 3 sections after center of opposite side, Repeat ^^,
Continue pattern in original direction for 2 rows, Bind off.
Sew Top Closed.
Satin Stitch Triangles in pink yarn for ears (see Pic), Sew ears closed (see pic), adjust ear "height" based on head size.
Cut 24" strips of yarn (about 6 per side) pull halfway through ear flap points (see pic), Braid, Knot off, trim Tuft ends and fluff.

In other news. I'm 10 weeks as of yesterday. I'm getting a cute little bump :)

So... if the bushes die... I know why.

This morning I had my 1st "offical" bout of morning sickness (luckly I hadn't eaten anything yet) My DH was driving me to work. I gagged at a stoplight (3 blocks from my office) & fought it the rest of the way to my office. As soon as he pulled in the parking lot I jumped out of the car & lost my non-existant breakfast in the bushes... yep.. that was diffrent. DH just sat in the car & laughed. I'm sure many of the cars that were driving by were thinking... "well she had a fun weekend..." Nope... just pregnant. Maybe some of them guessed that too... :P
Well today at 3 is my 1st Ultrasound( I will be posting pics tommorow on FB & prob here) Hubby want's to post the first baby announcement (something sarcastic) 1st. so i'm humoring. I told him he has to do it tonight 'cuz I'm posting pics tommorow. I'm kinna worried what he will put.

Projects: Right now I'm Still in the middle of the Mermaid fingerless gloves... I prob won't get back to them till after C'mas. I'm also working on a Kitty Ear hat for my nieace for C'mas. I'm gonna make a ear cover thing for my LBs GF. She has really fluffy read hair so she doesn't like hats. I also have plans for a binary scarf for my FIL. We have NO CLUE what to give my MIL. maybe a photo book or something.... *shrugs* any ideas?

small project big Circs

For a fellow LJ knitter. If you work your project the same at the "two-at-once" sock method then the length of your circs won't matter. See pic. Divide the project in half and pull the extra bits of circ to the sides. I hope this helps. :D

Now for my friends.... 6 week bump!

Azul has something to say..

Can you guess?


Just found out this morning. Parents don't know yet so... SHHHHHH

The Tetris Quilt

Images from the finished Tetris Quilt :) 
It took around a year to complete.  The blocks are machine stitched together but ALL of the quilting is done by hand.  the fabric are all different (I really only cared about the color) most of the fabrics were from my stash.  The large white area at the top was the only fabric bought just for this project.  It really gives it an interesting texture.  The back is was originally Navy blue King size Flat T-Shirt Sheet.  I have always found that sheets make the best quilt backs because you don't have to piece fabric together. I'm just happy it is finished :) 

Below are details of the stitching and the monogram I hand-stitched on the back before finishing the bottom edge.  It was my first monogram :) 

BTW: This quilt is for the same couple as the mario star blanket.  It's their wedding gift.  and you say.. "huh?, but I thought mario was a baby gift?"  it is.  They were married LAST December... yeah... Like I said, been working on it about a year.  Didn't realize it would take me this long. So, I get to give them their wedding and baby gift on the same day :D  this will be interesting.  They know I have been working on something but don't know what it is.  :)

Completed Mario Stars!!

Ok so the Mario stars are finished!! FINALLY!! WHOOOO... so here is a pic :)
as you can see: blanket, hat and pacifier leash for instructions Click Here!
I can't wait to see what she says when I give them to her this weekend.
Oh I finished the Tetris quilt last night and it is taking a ride in the washing machine this morning to get rid of all the marking pencil marks. Kinna funny that I get to give them their baby and wedding gifts on the same weekend. :P

In other news.. Fertility Friend finally gave me an ovulation day YEAHHHHHH!!! I was more excited about that than finishing both projects! so FF believes I'm 3DPO(days past ovulation) Dr says I get to test on the on my 30 day i.e. next Friday. So we'll see what happens...


ok.. so no pics this time..
I will be posting again soon... cuz I finished the Mario Blanket!!! YEAHHHHH good thing her shower is this weekend, but once I finished it I went a bit nuts.. I made a mario star Passy leash and a mario star hat that matches the blanket. I finished them yesterday.
I am almost finished with the Tetris quilt. I should finish it by this weekend. so It should be up soon too.

The lady who I made the dog for had her baby the day before yesterday. He's apparently perfect. I really don't have any more information on that one. I live almost 2 hrs from most of my friends... which sucks.

Do any of ya'll know any one who is trying-to-conceive (TTC)? I need someone else to join Fertility Friend and say I got them to join so I (and them) get 30 days free VIP.
About the TTC. DH & I have been TTC since last Nov. If you haven't noticed... i've been doing alot of baby gifts. yeah.. we started trying.. and EVERYONE ELSE GETS PREG!! AGGGHHH... sigh.. it's a bit frustrating. I know God is teaching me patience... I just wish he would hurry up about it! At least I'm running out of Preg-able friends. actually I think I have run out... the 3 who aren't preg now just had babies (the dog toy mom, the binary hat mom, and the orange bag mom) the only one left preg is the mario star mom.
Well after I finish the quilt I'm planning on making a braided rug. Our house has hardwood floors and they are FREEZING!! then.. fingerless gloves... I need some sooooo bad...
I'll be posting pics soon :)
ya'll have a good day :)

Long weekend.

so.. long weekend. I really didn't get anything to speak of done on the Mario blanket. I usually work on crochet project when we drive on the weekends.. unfortunately.. DH's license is suspended.... yeah......... so lots of driving for me for the next 3 months.

We did end up going to visit a friend yesterday. Lots of good food and some odd conversation. Months ago she wanted me to make her a crocheted grocery bag. I kept the project at her house and worked on it there. I pretty much finished it, it's to the point of useable. I just need to add the bottom section to ball it up in. Her son aka "kitten" fell in love with it, as you can see.

A few weekends ago I made a little dog for one of my friends who is expecting and I forgot to take pics of it before I gave it to her. So she was nice enough to take pics for me. :)

More Mario and Calves

Ok... here is some more work done on the Mario blanket. I'm just starting the white rounds. all the clouds are finished. I seem to not have much time to work on it. but it is coming along ok. The baby shower is supposed to be in about a month. I should have it done by then. I'll prob finish the white part this weekend.

I also wanted to share a bit of cuteness. These are my grandfathers brand new calves.
Aren't they Cute? We believe they are twins. They appeared the same morning. There are only two cows, 1 bull and a steer in the field with the calves. We believe the other cow is also preg. One is a male the other a female. She will be part of the herd to help rebuild post Katrina, yes it has taken this long. Major portions of the fencing was destroyed and has only been repaired within the past 6 months. His previous herd had to be sold until the repairs could be made. So.. little calf brings hope.

Mario Brother's Star Blanket

check it out.. I actually remembered to post. This is the project I'm working on for the other preg friend. Her and her husband are major geeks(they had Han Solo & the princess on their wedding cake, was very cute.) To see what it will actually look like finished- .
I have been working on it for the past couple days. I didn't get to work on it long yesterday. I got to the point where if I work on it to long my wrist starts to hurt. so I'm working on it in spurts now. I've had more trouble with crochet hooks with it so far. I have been trying to work on it on my breaks at work.. The first day I had the wrong size hook. Day two.. I brought everything BUT the hook.. Today I actually remembered everything :D So we will see how much I get done on it.

Geek Baby Hat

I finished a cute little hat for a co-worker of mine. Her baby shower is this weekend. She's having a boy, but I randomly found the pattern on Rav (see fav links --->) It took me two days to finish it. which isn't bad. I ended up playing around with the pattern a bit.
It seems like right now that there are a lot of baby showers. Three chics in my age group from church and at least the one coworker are all at least in the 2nd trimester. I'll post pics soon of the gift for one of the other girls, I also finished it this weekend. I really had a crafty weekend. Finished a hat, a stuffed animal and actually got to go to hobby lobby for the supplies for a baby afghan for yet another preg friend. So I should actually be updating soon!

The Tribble

My father says they look like Star Trek Tribbles. If you make yours into a purse you will have people petting your purse (yes, I’m serious.)
I have made MANY of these. VERY easy! This works up extremely quickly. I can make 1 in 2 hours.

for those who need a good pattern…
here is a simple hat pattern.

for the brave: (my 1st time to write down a pattern, so qritiques welcome)

Supplies: 1 skein Lyon Brand Fun Fur. (color of your choice, this one is the green/blue, whites, blacks and browns end up looking the most like tribbles)
K Hook
Tapestry needle (Ball only)
needle and tread (for purse only)

Gauge: 1 stitch per inch
stitches are supposed to be loose. when working the dcs don't put your hook under the "v" just go through the big part in the stitch.
row 1: c6, join to 1st c.
row 2: c3, dc11 in ring.
body of tribble: increase 6 dc every row. it does not have to be exact. when you feel that it is big enough (I usually check to make sure it can fit on my head) stop inc and just put dc even.
continue until your 1 skein runs out of yarn.
yes, use the ENTIRE skein.

Hat: leave it there and you have a hat.
Ball: stuff with fiberfill and run yarn end through the top stitches, cinch and tie off, and you have a ball. to make different size balls increase less and don't used as much of the skein.

Purse: weave ribbon (or a long c of the same or contrasting yarn) through the top row and sew the ends to one of the dc posts and you have a purse.

as a purse it can hold ALOT!! (no I do not normally carry a wii remotes just wanted to show some of what it can hold.) I have carried books in some of them.

I made 32 of the balls in diffrent sizes and diffrent colors for a sculpture project once, I used clear sewing tread to hang them from the ceiling at diffrent heights. when the wind blowed they would sway. It look really neat, but I do not have pictures as this was years ago and I gave away most of them.

Mini Purses

These Mini Purses are intended for my niece's 1st Birthday. She is already obsessed with bags. She is going to be such a girly-girl.

The bags were pretty easy to make. Only the silver bag required any hand-stitching and that was to create the "poof" effect.

I will try to remember to upload the pattern for the purses later. :)

Wedding Dress

I made this dress and veil for my own wedding. It's a corset with a mermaid style skirt. If you would like more info, message me.

Sewing Fun

Just Some Fun Sewing Stuff, Clothes & Such.

Pattern Links

Links for Knitting

Stitcher Community

Will have to request an invitation, but once you join there are RIDICULOUS amounts of patterns, friends, and sooooo much more!!

Kitting Glossery

Great Knitting Glossary! Follow the Link!

Great Links For Fellow Sewers

Go to Free Stuff> Free Drafting Class> Follow the arrows.
Using the Measurements and the Pdf instructions at the end make a garment.
Put a zipper Running the length of the garment and Zip it over a foam block about the size of your dimensions. and "vwola" not-so-instant personally dimensioned manikin!
I have attached ribbon along the top of mine so that I can hang it from the ceiling. This also allows me to hang it at my height.
so get to sewing & have fun :)

Will attach pics later.

First Blog

So... new things.
Right now I'm working on a few projects and getting my seamstress business of the ground. I have a tetris quilt i'm in the middle of making right now, i'll post pics later. Yes I did say tetris. It is to late at night for me to think clearly. So Later..