Completed Mario Stars!!

Ok so the Mario stars are finished!! FINALLY!! WHOOOO... so here is a pic :)
as you can see: blanket, hat and pacifier leash for instructions Click Here!
I can't wait to see what she says when I give them to her this weekend.
Oh I finished the Tetris quilt last night and it is taking a ride in the washing machine this morning to get rid of all the marking pencil marks. Kinna funny that I get to give them their baby and wedding gifts on the same weekend. :P

In other news.. Fertility Friend finally gave me an ovulation day YEAHHHHHH!!! I was more excited about that than finishing both projects! so FF believes I'm 3DPO(days past ovulation) Dr says I get to test on the on my 30 day i.e. next Friday. So we'll see what happens...

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