The Tetris Quilt

Images from the finished Tetris Quilt :) 
It took around a year to complete.  The blocks are machine stitched together but ALL of the quilting is done by hand.  the fabric are all different (I really only cared about the color) most of the fabrics were from my stash.  The large white area at the top was the only fabric bought just for this project.  It really gives it an interesting texture.  The back is was originally Navy blue King size Flat T-Shirt Sheet.  I have always found that sheets make the best quilt backs because you don't have to piece fabric together. I'm just happy it is finished :) 

Below are details of the stitching and the monogram I hand-stitched on the back before finishing the bottom edge.  It was my first monogram :) 

BTW: This quilt is for the same couple as the mario star blanket.  It's their wedding gift.  and you say.. "huh?, but I thought mario was a baby gift?"  it is.  They were married LAST December... yeah... Like I said, been working on it about a year.  Didn't realize it would take me this long. So, I get to give them their wedding and baby gift on the same day :D  this will be interesting.  They know I have been working on something but don't know what it is.  :)

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