Post Surgery

Christopher did really good post surgery.  He went into the cath lab with 40 & 50% O2 in his Blood (you & I usually have 100%) He came out of it with 80-90%, which for him is FANTASTIC!  He is now on High flow and is now allowed to nurse twice a day.  :D  yep yep.. I'm happy.
I'm kinna slacking on my pumping now though... I'm just so crazy tired.
I tried his Smartipants on him yesterday.. and they fit!  I haven't taken pics yet.. He is now 7lbs  :)
He has come a LONG way from the tiny little 1lb 4oz person that he was.
We are using our homemade wrap for all of our nursing.  I got the instructions from the creator of  LOVE IT! and CRAZY easy.
The Drs are now telling us that we will be able to go home in weeks!  Yep no longer saying MONTHS! or after his first B'day!!