Kitty Ears Hat

:updated 3/22/2011
 This is a project I have been working on for a little bit. It is actually for my niece for Christmas (she's a toddler, hence why the hat looks streched, it's not supposed to go on an adult)
Pattern (only my 2nd so critiques welcome)
Notations: size 7 Circular Needles or Double points... whatever your most comfortable with.
Cast on 32 30 apparently I miscounted.. I created the pattern after the hat was completed.
Join (it's made from the top down)
Knit in Round for 6"

Ribbing Pattern: K3, P3
Pattern around for 1"
Stay with pattern. (Mark Direction)(You will be making short rows.. it is confusing.  This or this should help)
Pattern for 3 sections, Turn
^Pattern for 6 sections, Turn (ignore all other sections, leave on needles "Reserved Stitches")
*Pattern till end, Move 1 stitch to reserved, Turn, pattern 1 stitch, remove to reserved stitches*
Repeat ** until only 1 stitch is left^
Continue pattern in original direction until 3 sections after center of opposite side, Repeat ^^,
Continue pattern in original direction for 2 rows, Bind off.
Sew Top Closed.
Satin Stitch Triangles in pink yarn for ears (see Pic), Sew ears closed (see pic), adjust ear "height" based on head size.
Cut 24" strips of yarn (about 6 per side) pull halfway through ear flap points (see pic), Braid, Knot off, trim Tuft ends and fluff.

In other news. I'm 10 weeks as of yesterday. I'm getting a cute little bump :)

So... if the bushes die... I know why.

This morning I had my 1st "offical" bout of morning sickness (luckly I hadn't eaten anything yet) My DH was driving me to work. I gagged at a stoplight (3 blocks from my office) & fought it the rest of the way to my office. As soon as he pulled in the parking lot I jumped out of the car & lost my non-existant breakfast in the bushes... yep.. that was diffrent. DH just sat in the car & laughed. I'm sure many of the cars that were driving by were thinking... "well she had a fun weekend..." Nope... just pregnant. Maybe some of them guessed that too... :P
Well today at 3 is my 1st Ultrasound( I will be posting pics tommorow on FB & prob here) Hubby want's to post the first baby announcement (something sarcastic) 1st. so i'm humoring. I told him he has to do it tonight 'cuz I'm posting pics tommorow. I'm kinna worried what he will put.

Projects: Right now I'm Still in the middle of the Mermaid fingerless gloves... I prob won't get back to them till after C'mas. I'm also working on a Kitty Ear hat for my nieace for C'mas. I'm gonna make a ear cover thing for my LBs GF. She has really fluffy read hair so she doesn't like hats. I also have plans for a binary scarf for my FIL. We have NO CLUE what to give my MIL. maybe a photo book or something.... *shrugs* any ideas?