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It's a Preemie Thing- NICU clothing items, for Micropreemies and beyond!
Faux Moby Wrap- Great for Rooing and wearing once you get out
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The Leaky B@@b Facebook group- Great place for pumping and nursing support
DIY Ring sling- great for once they can support their own head
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Sear's book  Both 'The Preemie Book" and "The baby book" are good
The Happiest baby on the block - It is intended for termies but we modified the techniques to use in the NICU.
AAP Breastfeeding book

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  1. Hi. My name Jackie Coleman. In 1994 I conducted a research study on the effects of male/female singing/speaking voices on premature infants for my Masters: (please see) 1) 2) and 3) We looked at 40 minutes of intervention for 4 consecutive days. The study was very positive in helping infants thrive through music intervention (more relaxed state in heart and behavioral state, greater oxygen saturation, better weight gain, more caloric intake, earlier leave from hospital by nearly 3 days, etc.). I can only imagine how longer time periods and more days of music in the NICU would help. The Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where we conducted the study, restructured its whole unit based on the results we saw for better sound control on the environment. I have the entire study on videotape if ever it needed to be revisited. My main interest in studying the male and female voices stemmed from: 1) wanting to bring couples closer together in care of their infants 2) help males feel more involvement in the nurturing process of infants and 3) bring a new twist into the research (which had never looked at the male voice before, only the female). The study showed the premature infants responded equally to both male and female voices, but the music helped soothe the babies while the speaking aroused them into a more alert state.

    I am writing specifically to inform as many as possible about the benefits of this research. I would love any leads into disseminating the data to more hospitals (NICU’s) and parents so it can be useful to many more people ~ as many as possible. For your information, we created a CD of lullabies featuring males and females singing some of the same lullabies used in the study (with light instrumental accompaniment and lyrics so parents and other caregivers can sing along). The lullabies are designed for all young children up to age 8. They can be purchased here on i-tunes:, through certain online stores, or by contacting me. If you or your unit is interested in finding out more about the research or the lullaby recordings, please contact me. I am also interested in donating music to international neonatal organizations where it could be of benefit to struggling countries.

    Thank you so much!
    Sincerely, Jackie Coleman

    1. Thanks! I hope the information on your study helps some NICU parents who come to visit :)


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