We created "snack passy" when Baby C graduated to the preemie and newborn soothiee passies.
We used it to give him anything he got orally (and still use it for meds!) He would get sweet ease or breastmilk in a 1cc syringe through his passy.
To make a snack passy:
You will need
• properly sized Soothiee
• 1cc syringe
• scissors
Start with a soothiee

We would take a soothiee and cut a tiny hole in the tip.
I do mean a TINY hole

It should be just big enough for the tip of the 1cc syringe to go through, basically making a tiny bottle.
The Snack passy

Snack passy still makes it easier to give him meds today. When using snack passy we have to be careful not to choke him. We squirt the fluid SLOWLY and when he was smaller we would even give him breaks. We would only push the plunger in while he was sucking. This really helped avoid oral aversion, since it got him used to stuff coming out of nipples while sucking, which is rather shocking to most long-term tube fed babies.

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