We created "snack passy" when Baby C graduated to the preemie and newborn soothiee passies.

War of the Passy

Most Breastfeeding activists or "lactivists" will tell you that you should not use pacifiers or bottles to avoid nipple confusion. With some babies that is a problem, others... not so much.
The NICU is where you have to throw such "rules" out the window.

Pumping Queen

I hate it too..
When you have a child in the NICU you can feel helpless. Having to ask permission to even touch your child while some stranger changes their diaper.  You have to stand there while someone pokes and prods them. It is a hard thing for anyone to do.. Especially a raw-nerved hormonal, fresh from L and D mom, who has most likely had a c-section to remove her precious sick child from her body.

New Pattern & Rooming-in

I finally finished a pattern! Maybe I'm finally getting this mom thing down! (yeah... Suuurrreee) I created this little hat months ago.. Right before we left the hospital. I made it for a NICU neighbor of Christopher's. He got there around the same time we did. From what I understand he got to go home shortly after us. 

Things you learn in the NICU

Issoletes can be rocked
You have never changed a dirty diaper until you have changed one through a porthole
C-pap means spit machine
CC and ml are the same thing (why does it need two names?)
Kangaroo is a wonderful word
Heelstick is not
Next week could mean next month or tommorow.
Don't worry till the nurses do
Sleep is your friend... Along with wireless Internet.
Breastpumping is a compeditive sport
Passies make everything better.
Jaundace is the least of your worries
Breastfeeding in the NICU is a whole other level of "Nursing in Public"
Going home day is worth the wait!

I hope you enjoyed the NICU mom humor ;)

Sometimes you just enjoy the humor.
Christopher is home and doing great :)