Post Surgery

Christopher did really good post surgery.  He went into the cath lab with 40 & 50% O2 in his Blood (you & I usually have 100%) He came out of it with 80-90%, which for him is FANTASTIC!  He is now on High flow and is now allowed to nurse twice a day.  :D  yep yep.. I'm happy.
I'm kinna slacking on my pumping now though... I'm just so crazy tired.
I tried his Smartipants on him yesterday.. and they fit!  I haven't taken pics yet.. He is now 7lbs  :)
He has come a LONG way from the tiny little 1lb 4oz person that he was.
We are using our homemade wrap for all of our nursing.  I got the instructions from the creator of  LOVE IT! and CRAZY easy.
The Drs are now telling us that we will be able to go home in weeks!  Yep no longer saying MONTHS! or after his first B'day!!

Hackige!! AGGHH

Sorry ya'll...   It seems I have been hacked.  I have since changed my pw so hopefully there will be no more "spam posts" *sigh*
Well things are ok.  I have been getting really angry at some Medical people.. but that is about it.  Christopher is supposed to have surgrey within the next few weeks.
I'm working on some patterns now that I hope to have up for sale on Ravlry soon.  Will post when I do.  :)
Even though I can only post on Tuesdays now.
one of my favs :)

"Birth" Story

I know I have been promising for awhile & I have been absent for awhile. The Hospital & Ronald McDonald house internet does not allow me to connect to blogger :(
So here is goes...

Our story starts long before he was "born"(The quotations will make sense later...). My husband and I made a deal that on our one year wedding anniversary that I would be done with birth control for life. If we got preg then we got preg. If we didn't then that was ok too... That really only works in theory. When our first anniversary rolled around I stopped using all forms of birth control. First month pasted ... nothing.. Second month... Third month... At about the 6th month I was about to go nuts. So I emailed my Dr and started Temping.
My Chart
 After 2 months of Temping my Dr had me come back in.. She looked over my chart & low and behold... I had not been ovulating.. So she tried me on Progesterone for 3 months... still nothing. The next step was clomid. I was nervous because their was a higher chance of multiples, but did it anyway. On the 10th day past ovulation I took a test due to my husband telling me to. I kept telling him "There is no way I'm preg". This was one of the first times I had thought this... and.. Big Flippin' Positive.

My pregnancy was awesome! I can count the amount of times I had morning sickness on two hands... yeah my sis hates me for that.. :) Although.. a giant vat of movie popcorn is not one of the things you want to have morning sickness with.. ick. I loved being preg.
My husband had to leave his job and we moved in with my parents. He ended up moving to OK to get a job there (His mother is in OK) I stayed with my parents for the last two months of my pregnancy. At 25 weeks I got some cramps and laid on the couch all Saturday. The following Monday I went to the dentist and my blood pressure was high.. about 140/90. I knew pregnancy would make your blood pressure go up, so I chalked it up to that and didn't think much else of it. On Wednesday my fingers began to swell. I took off my rings, a process which took a lot of soap, cold water and about 30 min. I decided to email my Dr about what all was going on. She emailed me back the following morning to come in.. but didn't tell me when. It was paper day, so I had to build the paper. I had my feet propped up and my legs leaning on my desk. Around noon I noticed that my leg had little circles (about the size of a quarter all over the side of one of my legs. Apparently I had been fidgeting & the drawer pull on my desk left intentions on my leg. I called my sister, who had preeclampsia with her first pregnancy and worked it the same office, in to look at my leg. She poked at my leg and agreed that it looked like PreE. So I called my Dr's office and told her nurse what all was going on. She told me to come in that day. I got one of the other graphic artists to take over the paper and my sister, myself and our mother headed to the Dr.
She took my blood pressure & it was borderline PreE. She sent me to do a 24hour urine & told us to take my blood pressure frequently. If my blood pressure went over 160 for the high or 100 for the low to come to the hospital.
I spent the next day at home doing the 24 hour urine test. The following morning I was sitting in the recliner in the living room and my mother asked if I had checked my blood pressure yet. When I told her no she handed me the little monitor & I sat there waiting on it to finish. 170/90 something... My mom spent the next few minutes walking around the kitchen saying "we don't need this I need to clean for the baby shower next weekend!" "Ok.. calm down.. your just freaked... we'll check it again in 30 minutes".. 30 minutes later 168/90 something.. So we called the hospital. The Dr on call told me to wait 30 minutes and check it again. If it was still high then I needed to come in just so they could see. Well we had to bring back the 24 urine anyway... so mom & my baby brother gathered somethings up and we headed for the hospital 45 minutes away.
18w U/S before we knew anything was wrong.
We delivered the test and they admitted me so that they could "watch me for a few hours".. A few hours turned into overnight. They did a sonogram and realized my son had a heart condition. The U/S tech called in the Dr to have him look at it... this was the first of MANY sonograms in the following week. The Dr quizzed me about my due date. He asked me multiple times if I was "SURE" about my due date. I finally got mad and said... "YES I'M SURE!! I WAS ON CLOMID!!" His response.. "Oh.. it's a CLOMID baby.... they tend to run small.." "He normally runs a week behind on all his ultrasounds..." and the Dr left the room.

The next morning MY Dr came in. I was SOOO happy to see her. She told me that Christopher has a heart condition and is running 4 WEEKS to SMALL!! No one had told me this before! She said "I've been through all this with you. We have put so much work into getting this baby.. and If I was in your condition I would want to be at the State University Hospital (2 hours away) so I'm sending you there" So a few hours later.. I was loaded up and rushed via ambulance there.
Once at the hospital they brought me to the Labor & Delivery floor and started me on a magnesium drip. Now if you have never been on Mag.. I hope your never have to experience it.. It is AWWFUL. Your entire body heats up. I'm normally comfortable at 90°F+.. my mom, who stayed with me, is happy around 70°F.. I kept making them turn down the A/C until the nurse told me... "we have it on 50°.. it doesn't go any lower.." My mother was huddled in a hoodie and a blanket.. possibly more. I was trying to be uncovered as much as possible. It feels kind of simmilar to a bad sunburn. A bolus (where they give you a bunch at once) feels like your on FIRE. It is completely awful.
While I was on L&D I met alot of Drs. I had one Dr (not sure the specialty) come in and tell me that they had a previous resident who did a study on babies born there under 700g (Christopher was around 500g) and none of them survived more than 2 weeks. I had a choice... I could have a C-section to get him out.. and the type that they would have to do would mean I would never be able to have a VBAC or I could have a V-Delivery.. which he would have a very slim chance of surviving. If I had the V-Delivery and IF he had a heartbeat when he was born they would try to see if they could do anything for him. I told him to "Do whatever gives him the best chance of survival" He looked at me like I'm an idiot.
On Maternity Purgatory

I stayed on the L&D floor for a few days. I was on Mag, light sensitive, and not allowed to eat or get out of bed for those few days. My husband is still in OK at this point. On the day he is flying in they move me to "Maternity Purgatory", if you have ever been in one.. you know that is the perfect name for the floor. I was ssooo happy. I got to eat and take a shower and get rid of the cath bag! I wasn't there for long... my blood pressure spiked (over 200 I think) and they moved me back down to L&D.
During this time I was getting daily U/S. They do a test called a "Dopplar" to check my sons blood flow in his brain and umbilical cord. These U/S are where they found out that he has Double Outlet Right Verntrical. Basically Tetralogy of Fallot without the thickening of the wall. He also had a weak placenta and umbilical cord which is what led to the growth restriction.
On the following Friday I went down to the daily U/S. One of the Drs came in and told me that it looked like "We will be able to keep you pregnant until Monday" On Monday a neonatal heart specialist was going to do a special ultrasound to get a good look at his heart. He leaves and comes back 5 minutes later... "We just got your urinalysis results from this morning... your protein levels are to high. We are going to have to deliver today, but we will let you have your U/S today anyway." He failed his Dopplar that day. So either way.. that was going to be his birthday.
My family all rushed up from our hometown.. your only supposed to have 2 visitors in L&D rooms... I had 10. My sister started the "Prayers for Christopher" Facebook group before she left and there were over 70 member by the time she got there.
They told us that it would be 2 hours.. until they found out I had had breakfast.. They kept telling us.. 5 more minutes... 5 more minutes.. 9 hours later.. they finally brought me back into the operating room. The epidural made my leg twitch. I just kind of laid there while I felt my toes, then calves, then knees, then legs, then belly go numb. They put up the curtain, cleaned my belly with iodine, covered my belly with what felt like a GIANT piece of tape. They called in my hubby who sat beside my head. I could hear alot and I felt them kind of pushing on me. When they removed him it felt like they were poping a giant pimple. A lot of pressure and then it was suddenly released. A nurse ran past me with a giant bundle of towels in her arms, I realized that that was my son. They worked on sewing me back up and took my hubby back to go with him.
My first time seeing him over 17 hours after delivery.

They asked my hubby if I wanted to see him. He told them to "do what is best for him" I didn't get to see him till the next afternoon.
Christopher was born at 7:05 at 1lb 4oz or .59kg and 12" long. He is currently 5lb 13 oz as of this morning and 4 months old. He is still in the NICU. He was one the ventilator for 2.5 months. We have only been able to hold him whenever for about a week. It has been and still is a very scary ride.
If you would like to have the earliest and most detailed updates just see his Facebook group.
My favourite NICU picture

Update: 12/29/11
Christopher left the NICU on September 7, 2010. Had open heart surgery to repair the ToF (heart condition) on December 7, 2010.
Today I am 30weeks pregnant with his little sister, who after a target U/S and a fetal echo by the specialist who was supposed to see me on that Monday, has a "Perfect" heart. I have had no Pre-E, my BP has actually been "embarrassingly low". I am still hoping to do a trial of labor and attempt a VBAC but have accepted that I could end up in surgery. Unfortunately the Dr that I loved moved out of state before Christopher came home, so I can't use her and have been having to make due with another local Dr. I still don't feel like Christopher was truly "born" but surgically removed. All during the 1st and 2nd trimester I kept having flashbacks, horrible dreams and frequently was crying myself to sleep. Now that I'm well into (for me) the third trimester, I'm much more relaxed and much more confidant about attempting a VBAC.. Even if those around me are against it.

Update: Little Sister's Birth Story

Baby is growing & Major updates

Sorry it took me so long to get back on here.  Christopher was born on March 19. at 1lb 4oz.  He is currently 2lb 4oz.  Christopher's FB group now has 546 members.  It is still really crazy.  Some days are good, some are ok and some are AWFUL! There have been about 3 days that we wouldn't leave because we were afraid he was going to die at any minute.  There have also been somedays that everything is going good and we make plans about what we are going to be doing when we gets big and strong enough to go home.  It really is a big roller coaster.
Here's my adorable son :D

Baby update

Well me & baby are doing ok for now... I have preeclampsia and got up
to 170/100.. We were hospitalized & then on the sonogram they found
out that Christopher has a heart condition and is measuring 4 weeks to
small.. We are now hospitalized in one of the 2 hospitals in the
country that have a chance of saving him.. I swear it feels so
sureal... We have become the big story.. My sister even started a
facebook group called "prayers for christopher" with about 100 members
in 24 hrs... It is so weird
I have been knitting & crocheting to keep myself busy & control my
blood pressure.
I've already made 2 pairs of booties (crocheted) and 2 hats
(knitted). Many thanks to Moon'sHoller for her premie IV cover
pattern. I have made one of those already & plan to make more to share
with christopher's friends. I will post the other patterns later,
along with pics :)

Just Swell..

So, some fun changes over the past few days..   I have begun swelling.. yeahhhhhh...  I've had to remove my ring, which makes me basically feel naked, and my feet are swelling.  I emailed my Dr (yes, emailed. Isn't she awesome!) and told her about the swelling & about my blood pressure being up.  I'm normally 110/70 and at the dentist Monday I was 140ish/90ish. For me that is a rather large jump.  I was also having painful contractions this past weekend that got worse when I was standing. All-in-all, not good.   I'm blaming the contractions on exercise.  I took my dog for a walk, which I haven't been doing since we moved from the city. He has miles to run & rabbits to chase, so a walk isn't necessary.  It was his birthday so I took him to the pond & threw sticks in the water for about a half hour or so.  Which apparently my preg body wasn't used to...  I ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch, timing contractions.

Well good news.  I'm 26 weeks today. Hopefully everything will be ok & he will stay where he is for awhile.

Update on the Wishpot thing.  I'm really liking it thus far.  I have yet to hear anything from people using my regester yet.  I really like that you can use items from ANY online store, from Wal-Mart to tiny WAHM shops (you can even use it on ETSY!)  The only issue I have thus far is that it takes SOOOO LONG to load the "add to my wishpot" pop-up.  Other than that I'm really liking it.  I suggest anyone with a internet shop to add a link to wishpot so you can have a "registry" with out having to have an actual registry.  I also think  every Bride or Mom-to-be should have a wishpot, especially us net happy ones.
It also has some other great features other than just registries.  You can also make shopping and gift lists. Like that oh-so-fun Christmas list.  You can make lists private, wishpot friend only or open to everyone.  The coolest feature to me is that it has a Facebook app for your profile, in other words... all my facebook friends can see my wishpot registry from my profile!
Cool huh?

Multi Website Wish list!

Those of you that are like me & spend WAYYYY to much time online have probably run into this problem before..   you find things you like ALLL over the web, yet can't find them in "major" stores when it comes time for Baby/Wedding showers etc.  I just found this.. and I mean like a few min ago... 
and I wanted to share


I will be trying it out with my first baby shower & let ya'll know what everyone thinks about it.
At worst it is a GREAT concept, at best a necessary addition to your bookmarks!

I'll let you know!!

Breastfeeding & Coth Diapering... but WHY???

ok .. I've gotten this ALOT! from almost EVERYBODY...

Reasons for Breastfeeding EXCLUSIVELY from the American Assn of Pediatrics-

Reasons for Cloth Diapering... well excluding the environmental stuff.. that's not the main reason. It's a nice plus but really didn't contribute to the overall decision. -

You will notice that all the info is FACTS, not personal opinion. Notice.. CITED!! WOW!

All in all.. I believe it is healthier for my child. If you want to do something different with yours.. then do so.

The other cloth diapering questions.
Don't they Leak?? - their not supposed to. If they do it is a detergent, diaper cream or fit problem.. all of which can be fixed. In general.. they leak about the same amount as disposables or less, but some systems allow you to change the absorbency (pockets, my personal fav) so it can be more absorbent at night.

Don't they stink?? - actually totally breastfed babies... not really. Disposables tend to smell more than cloth (I have heard this from ALL OVER the place, but have no facts because smell is an opinion.

Don't they take alot of work??- again.. not really. Throw 'em in a pail, throw 'em in the washer. wash, dry, fold, diaper, repeat.

What about scraping?? - Did you know it is ILLEGAL to put "poo" in the garbage?? Modern cloth diapers are made so that the poo does not stick, so it can be shaken off. Plus there are these great little diaper liners that can be flushed. And breastfed poo is water soluble, so it goes right in the wash. So if your using disposables & NOT shaking off, scraping off the "poo" your breaking the law.

Surprise, surprise.

Now from this point on.. I'm just going to refer everyone to this post.

Thanks, rant over.

 Here is a list of various Cloth Diaper info.  I have yet to try any yet.. (kinna hard when my son isn't due for 3 months..)
There are many diffrent styles of cloth diapers.
Prefolds- the closest available to what Grandma used to use.  It has still gone through a bit of improvements & is the cheapest method. Requires a cover
Fitteds- Similar to prefolds, but there is no "folding" involved. It's shaped like a "regular" diaper & has elastic & velcro or snaps to hold it on. Also Requires a cover.
Pockets- My PERSONAL favorite. ALOT like disposables, but has a pocket to for the absorbent material to go in, so you can personalize it for your child/ time of day.
All-In-Ones- The most like disposables. It's all one piece.  The problem with this is they require more drying time & you can't adjust the absorbency.
All-In-Twos-  A mutint mixture of a pocket & an All-In-One.

Multi Size-  These are the standard.  This means the diaper comes in diffrent sizes, just like clothes.  S, M, L and sometimes XS and XL.
OneSize- I love this as well.  These diapers are made to fit multiple sizes.  they have different settings that allow them to do so.  This is great for families diapering multiple children.  You use the same diaper from Infancy to Potty Training.  The only problem is that very few One Size fit newborns, So another system is needed first.  I'm planing on either using disposables (cuz I know some have already been bought) or a trial package which will allow me to try different styles before we buy the final one-size stash.

Some various pocket one size brands. 
SmartiPants-my personal Fav, made in USA
Bum Genius- the most popular brand, Target even carries them
FuzziBunz- also rather popular
Happy Heiny's-
Tweedle Bug-
Tiny Tush-

They vary in price from $11 up to as much as $26 depending on brand and "organic" or not, but keep in mind.. 12-24 diapers lasts all the way up to Potty training.  The prices also vary from retailer to retailer as well. Personally I hope to end up with Green, Blue and White Diapers... but we'll see...


Found out something I never knew before...  Did you know commercial hemp (like used to make cloth & etc) is not the same as "pot head" hemp?  And the commercial stuff ends up cross pollinating the "pot head" stuff & actually makes it less potent.  Some of you are going "DUH"  but this is new info to me.  I had been avoiding hemp cuz I didn't know where all the leaves went..  Very interesting stuff.  Hemp is apparently EXTREMELY absorbent.  So I won't be avoiding it for diaper inserts anymore.   Here's the link to where I found this info..

What do ya'll think?

oh .. 24week Belly Pic!!

Teaching to the Test

I'm a former art teacher, so I keep up with what is going on in the world of education.  Art is not considered one of those "essential" subjects.  One of my fellow teaching friends showed me this video.  If you have anything to do with public education.. you should check it out.

Not On The Test Video

So, what are your thoughts? 

Anti-We Generation

Ok, so if you haven't figured it out yet.. I'm a bit of a conservative, 'specially when it comes to ProLive v. ProChoice.  So, This I just have to share.  If you haven't heard about the "We Movement".. It's basically the Liberals trying to get the younger vote.  I.E, those born after 1970, which includes me.  Now why do they need to push so hard?  Well.. What ELSE happened in 1970?  You guessed it... Roe v. Wade!  When abortion became legal, Liberals aborted their unwanted children, conservatives did not.  Due to this, there are more conservatives under the age of 30 than their are liberals. It's called the Roe v. Wade Effect.  ProLifers are in a rather large majority in that age range, mostly because they feel similar to how I do.  My mom decided to have me, what right do I have to tell someone they can't have what I have?  Life v. Choice is a more daily issue with us.  I have many friends who were born to single mothers, came from poor families, were adopted (My hubby being one of them), and just generally unexpected pregnancies.  I think on a regular basis about how it would have been if these people who I deeply care about weren't around.  What my life would be like if I never met them at all.
A little while back I heard about the "We Movement".  It's a crock, plus the democrats have been ticking me off regularly. Seriously?  You wanted me aborted? Now you want me to vote for you?  Uh huh.. that's like voting Charlie Manson or one of the Columbine boys as president..  Not. Gonna. Happen.

So.. what are your thoughts?

Digital Love Story

Valentine's day is tomorrow.. So I was gonna share our love story.

My hubby & I are both geeks, raised by geeks.  so we're 2nd Gen geeks :P   GEEK 2.0!! :D
Anyway.. off track.

I joined a group on Facebook that my hubby was the Admin for.  He sent out a mass message to all the members. I didn't know it was to all the members, I thought he was flirting with me!  :P  So.. I flirted back!  Which peeked his interest.  So, flirted back.  and back & forth it went.  A few days later we decided to meet.  I had him meet me at my work,  I worked in a mall at the time. All the guys & security guards knew I was meeting someone from online, in case he was some sort of freak.. :P
He came & hung out with me for a while & after we went to a local restaurant (where we still go for special occasions :D) And that's how it began.
Around our first V'day hubby planned a wonderful proposal.  He tried to get 4 doz of my fav flowers(camellias),  Hang them from the ceiling, each with a little note on them.. the last one being the proposal.. but it kept messing up :P
1st time.. the flowers didn't come in or the ring wasn't ready.. one or the other..
2nd time he tried to propose, my friend was supposed to take me shopping to get me out of the house so he could set everything up.  She bailed..  so he couldn't set up.
3rd time we had a weekly meal with a neighbor & lots of friends, they all knew what was going on and were supposed to distract me.  well... one of my friends who I hadn't seen in YEARS was in town.. so I invited her over.. so that messed up the plan..
4th time.. I woke up & he wasn't there.. I walked into the living room & he was doing something... we'll i'm blind as a bat.  So I couldn't see what was going on. He told me to go back to sleep.  So I did.  the next morning I wake up & get on Facebook (which showed me as SINGLE!!!, FB almost knew before me, so he had to change it), because I knew something was up..  He is laying there pretending he's asleep.  He "wakes up" and convences me to get breakfast..  so I walk in the living room & 3 dozen Carnations (he couldn't remember my fav.. he did remember they started with a C!) were hanging from the ceailing.  Red, pink & Green! :D   1 doz was in a vase.  I didn't know if it was my V'day gift or if he was proposing.. so I went back and hugged him. He rolled me on my back & stuck a little box on my chest and opened it.
I looked at the box.. looked at him... looked at the box... looked back at him.. "um.. your supposed to say something..."  "Ok, Marry me, woman"..  *sigh*  ok.

We were marred exactly 1 year after the first Facebook message, our first child, a son, is due in June.  We announced our engagement, wedding (we even sent out invites), and pregnancy all on Facebook.

Knit Headband & Scarf

So I have been trying to get this project & pattern up since Christmas...  Yeah it's been fun..

The scarf & headband were a gift for my Lil'Bro's GF.

1 Lyon Brand Homespun Yarn- CandyApple
(it's Bulky 5 185yrds, 6oz if you wanna use a different yarn)

Size 7 needles

R1- P across, Turn
R2-K across, Turn
R3-P across, Turn

cast on 12
Pattern 4 times
*R1- P, M1, P10, M1, P1
R2- K, M1, K12, M1, K1
R3- P, M1, P14, M1, P1
Pattern 7 times
R1- P1, P2Tog, P14, P2Tog, P1
R2- K1, K2Tog, K12, K2Tog, K1
R3- P1, P2Tog, P10, P2Tog, P2*

Pattern 17 7 (oops!) Times

Repeat **

Pattern 4 Times
finish off & sew ends together.

Short & sweet huh?
Close up of Earmuffs:

Scarf:  Cast on 24, Pattern till your happy with the length.  Wah La!

Baby Update:  It's a BOY!!  I'm getting bigger & he loves to move around.  I'm now 20 weeks and to the halfway point!   I hope ya'll enjoy the pattern! :)

Jedi Bath Robe

For Christmas I made my DH a Jedi Bath Robe. I found the pattern on
although I did make a few adjustments.
I got 4 yards of fabric... well my DH is not a small man.. I should have gotten 5. Because of this I had to make the hood in 3 parts. Each side & the front band (6" wide for 16" folded in half) I used a 1/2" hem all around.

The fun part of the project was getting the measurements... like I said it was a Christmas gift... I used one of hubby's dress shirts to get most of the measurements. I used my younger brother's head for hood measurements.
The biggest problem was getting the "top of shoulder to floor" & "underarm to floor" I enlisted the help of my father for that one. He was gonna kinna stand by hubby & "eyeball" where those spots fell on him so I could measure him instead. But instead of that... Hubby ended up coming inside & hugging me... so I kinna snuggled up to him & measured it on me :P apparently his underarm is right at my top shoulder height & the top of his shoulder is right under my chin.
Then I had to lock him out of the room to be able to sew it. I had to use my poor brother again to hem the bottom. It was pretty funny.. Hubby is 5'10", Brother is 6'2". Hubby is built like a football player... brother is built like a basket ball player... it was SOOOOOO funny to see him in the robe. I had to squish the shoulders us so that the hem fell flat.

Something that I had found out a few weeks ago... my thigh is the same around as my hubbys upper arm! Guess how I measured the fit of the arm holes :P yep.. wore the thing like pants. :P

I also added loops for the belt (added along the hemline)

and after all this... he figured out what it was before he opened it... *sigh* oh well. He LOVES the thing. It's very warm. I made it out of "No Pill Fleece" which I got at 50% off from Joanns (WOOTTT!!!)

Now hubby wants me to make another one... for the baby. I think I may just make a hooded towel.. 17 weeks down 23 weeks to go..

I've been bad...

So I was working like crazy on C'mas gifts... and couldn't ever seem to get the info up... yep..
Well I have finished lots of projects & took lots of pics.... and then my DH decided to try & download some pics from my camera... and ended up wiping all the pics. yes he is a computer programer. No, I don't know how he managed it. So now I'm begging all my recepiants to send me pics so I can post the projects.
We've had a fun couple of weeks... I'm getting bigger & it is getting hard to get comfortable. We went to visit my MIL for Christmas (First Oklahoma Christmas Blizzard in YEARS! For a southern girl.. that's a BIG deal!) We get back home... and 2 days later... DH's grandfather dies. So no he is going BACK to OK and oh did I mention we're broke? yep.. so we really can't afford for him to go.. but he has to go anyway.. *sigh*

ok... better note Here's our Christmas Card we sent out :)