I've been bad...

So I was working like crazy on C'mas gifts... and couldn't ever seem to get the info up... yep..
Well I have finished lots of projects & took lots of pics.... and then my DH decided to try & download some pics from my camera... and ended up wiping all the pics. yes he is a computer programer. No, I don't know how he managed it. So now I'm begging all my recepiants to send me pics so I can post the projects.
We've had a fun couple of weeks... I'm getting bigger & it is getting hard to get comfortable. We went to visit my MIL for Christmas (First Oklahoma Christmas Blizzard in YEARS! For a southern girl.. that's a BIG deal!) We get back home... and 2 days later... DH's grandfather dies. So no he is going BACK to OK and oh did I mention we're broke? yep.. so we really can't afford for him to go.. but he has to go anyway.. *sigh*

ok... better note Here's our Christmas Card we sent out :)

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