Knit Headband & Scarf

So I have been trying to get this project & pattern up since Christmas...  Yeah it's been fun..

The scarf & headband were a gift for my Lil'Bro's GF.

1 Lyon Brand Homespun Yarn- CandyApple
(it's Bulky 5 185yrds, 6oz if you wanna use a different yarn)

Size 7 needles

R1- P across, Turn
R2-K across, Turn
R3-P across, Turn

cast on 12
Pattern 4 times
*R1- P, M1, P10, M1, P1
R2- K, M1, K12, M1, K1
R3- P, M1, P14, M1, P1
Pattern 7 times
R1- P1, P2Tog, P14, P2Tog, P1
R2- K1, K2Tog, K12, K2Tog, K1
R3- P1, P2Tog, P10, P2Tog, P2*

Pattern 17 7 (oops!) Times

Repeat **

Pattern 4 Times
finish off & sew ends together.

Short & sweet huh?
Close up of Earmuffs:

Scarf:  Cast on 24, Pattern till your happy with the length.  Wah La!

Baby Update:  It's a BOY!!  I'm getting bigger & he loves to move around.  I'm now 20 weeks and to the halfway point!   I hope ya'll enjoy the pattern! :)

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