DIY babywearing sling

It's fun!

Monday I posted about Babywearing.  I have a tutorial for ya'll!! :D   DIY baby sling!

You will need....
  • One of these shawls.. or twill fabric that is 35" wide by at least 172" long.  (or 4.75 yards)
  • 2 rings from a tack shop (you know for horses) or 2 sling rings.  
The tack shop rings will come in silver but the sling ring come in colors.
DO NOT,  I repeat DO NOT, use Craft store rings!!!  They are not made to hold that much weight!!  They will break and the baby WILL fall!
  • Matching thread
  All seams are 1/4" unless otherwise stated.
If you are working with fabric, hem the  longs sides and one end. 
fold over about 1" hem.  Sew in place.
1" Fold

Everything from this point on will be working from the last end.
Fold in half with the wrong side out.

Measure 6" from from hem. Mark.  Measure 10" from mark. Mark.  Sew between those two marks.  
There will be an opening.  You will need it later.

Turn right side out.  Fold in half with the seam in the middle.
Folded once

Bring the outside edges to the middle...
Fold outside edges to the middle

 and one more time. 
It should look like this.

Sew across the end. 

Place end through rings and tuck end under the middle seam.
Tucked in.

Working from the inside zig-zag stitch many Many MANY MANY times.   Make sure you are sewing the flap to the inside of the 10" seam.   This is the part that will be holding baby's weight.  When in doubt.. sew it some more.
Make sure your only on the side you want... the back side likes to get caught.

Turn it right side out and wear.

Doesn't it look comfortable??
Me and my favorite little man.

It is so easy it is addictive...
Very, very addictive.

 It is be amazing how many different ways you can use it.  I have used mine as not only a carrier but also as a blanket, nursing cover, shawl, mat, changing pad, chewy, and what we figured out just recently....
He LOVES it!  Just be sure of your knots!

a baby hammock!

now.. safety issues...
Make sure your sling is secure at all times.
Test out your sling with a bag of flour, gallon of milk, teddy bear, etc before placing your child in it the first time.  
If you ever hear a thread pop while wearing your sling, imedeately discontinue use.
Always check all seams before each use.
You are responsible for using these instructions safely.. and the safety of your child.   I am not. 'nuf said.
More Safety Instructions:
Babywearing International
The Babywearer

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