I got my first blog award!! :D

Check it out!  I got my very first award!!  :D
Big 'ol' thanks to Melissa at Our Monkey Life.  I think we have a simmilar since of humor...  so if you like reading my blog, you will probably enjoy hers.  Check her out. ....   seriously... I'll wait......

(Jepordy music plays)

k... ya back.. cool..  :)

On to the award!!!!

The rules of The Versatile Blogger award are:

* Thank the person that gave you the award, and link to them in your post. (Check!)

* Tell us 7 things about yourself. (k....)

* Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.  (recently??? .. I'll try..)

Seven things....
1.  I have a tattoo.  Wanna know what it is?   See the frog in my banner??  yep, that's it.  I designed it and had the artist put it on my upper back.  I use it for all my "logo" items,  because no one can dispute it.  It's mine.  I can prove it.. :D

2. I am ADDICTED to the color green.  If it is green... I want it... NOW.  Seriously, it's ridiculous.  Sometimes I have to look at things in another color to decide if I really want the item... or I just want the green.  If I just want the green.. I usually force myself to put it back.. usually...

3.  I have been Laid off... Twice.  I'm a former professional graphic artist as well as an art teacher by degree.    I lost the the art teacher position, because the superintendent lost my grant.... (no, I'm not bitter about about that at alllllll....)    Lost the Graphic Artist job because Lil'C was coming home from the NICU... so the paper decided to let me go.

4. Big C, Lil'C and I are currently living at my parents.  Big C has been having trouble finding a decent job and I need to be a WAHM/SAHM with Lil'C.  So I clean house and am in charge of the garden. 

umm....  what else...

5.  I have been crocheting for 25 years.  Yeah.. I was about 2 or 3 when I learned to chain.  I don't really remember learning at all.  

6.  I love to design my own clothing, but I have to have my mother, sister, or husband "approve" of any article before I wear it in public.  Sometimes things don't work as well as I think they do...  They are all OCD perfectionists.

7. I once worked 6 months on a sweater and then had it catch fire the first time I wore it...  Did you know smoke bombs will spark when tilted?  Yeah.. neither did my brother.... 

Ok.. Now to the 15 Blogs!
1. No Big Dill-  One of my absolute FAVS!!!  Especally her NEO (Never enough orange) series she is working on right now.  She likes orange like I like green.  All sorts of obsession.  Mommy thoughts with a sprinkling of tutorials.  I hope FIS grows up to be like NBD with NICU and hospital speak sprinkled in :D
2. Made by Rae- Tutorial HEAVEN!  She does a "For the Boy Month"... oh the ideas that come from that!!  You just have to see it to appreciate it.
3. From Mainstream Mama to Crunchy Mama- A fellow NICU mom... with a very "in your face" about anything she is passionate about.  A good lady to have on your side of the debate :D
4. Kitchen stewardship- DIY kitchen tutorials and info from a christian perspective.  Healthy eating, cooking and etc. Great for even the non-christian, just expect some bible verses sprinkled in :D
5. Luv in the Mommyhood- Great mommy blog.  Some great tutorials, mommy advice with a sprinkling of giveaways. :)
6. Verses- A knitter/ sewers dream!  and for someone like me who does both... heaven!
7. Makin' it- Cloth diaper DIY love!
8. Being Frugal- Money saving tips GALORE! 
9. The Family CEO- Another great Money saving blog.
10. Home Sanctuary-  <3 her!!!  All sorts of home-making advice and "Minimum Maintenance" will save your SANITY!!
11.  Will work for Followers- a must follow for any blogger. The ultimate blogging How-to from the ultimate blogging dad, Dan, the writer/creator of Single Dad Laughing
12. The Leaky B@@b- I really fought myself not to add this one... I talk about it so much already... but I HAD to!  It's the TLB! The ULTIMATE BF support blog! One of my daily "must reads".
13. Tech Knitting-  A knitter's Dream How-to... need I say more?
14. Design Diary- seeing inside the head of a fashion designer?? yes please! Some tutorials sprinkled in as well.
15. The Ranting of an Insane Man- Want to know the Other side of the FIS story?  This is it.  Big C's own blog. My other half, DH and the man who drives me all the way to crazy. :P

Wow... that was harder than I thought...
I'm very picky on the blogs I follow.. can ya' tell?  I have such little time to read them!  I'm 2 days behind now!
I hope ya'll enjoy and find some new good reads!
Don't forget to find your way to follow on the upper left!


  1. Thanks so much for the award--and I love your frog!!

  2. Thanks so SO much for the award! It was so sweet that you mentioned me! I will do my best to post it back up on my blog and give you some linky love, but it might be a week or so because my head is reeling after writing a post EVERY DAY for Diaper Junction's blog. Whew! Craziness!

  3. I am your newest follower. LOVE the site! Hope you get a chance to hop over and see me. I have lots of giveaways and deals posted. At least TEN more this week. Try to keep up! Come save money with me and get some great freebies too!
    Stay Fabulous~Chara@ NothingButFabulousity


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