Co-Sleeping/Bed sharing, Why we do it.

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When I was pregnant, I was against the idea of Bed-Sharing.  What if I roll on him?  What if he gets stuck?  What about SIDS.. Etc.. Etc..

Then the Pre-E hit....  and everything changed.  
When we finally came home from the NICU he was on O2 and a SAT monitor.  I knew if he stopped breathing the machine would scream at me.  If he had a blanket over his head (by accident, of course) then the O2 was there. 
He was waking up a few times a night... and I was tired!  So he ended up joining us, with me in the middle of him and his Daddy.  He would "dream nurse", which helped him gain weight.  He ended up doing really well in weight gain until his open heart surgery. 
Napping with Daddy (and Mommy watching)

After all that it was hard for me to not have my hands on him to sleep.  When he came off the monitor post-op it made me nervous to not have the machine to scream at me if his breathing changed.  So we continued to bed share. 
Now our routine consists of him going to his own bed when he goes to sleep at night, but he always wakes up at some point and joins us from there. I still sleep in the middle, I don't trust my hubby not to squish him... he squishes me sometimes!  He is just a heavy sleeper.    I hope to eventually wean him to his own bed. That will not happen till he stops Dream nursing, which he really needs right now.  He is only 14lbs at 13mo (10m g), which is completely off the bottom of the chart.  His Dr says that she isn't worried since he is following the curve, just below it.
Post-OP: Didn't shock the nurses in the slightest.  :D

Do you co-sleep or Bed share?
Which safety issue worries you the most?

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  1. Love it! We are very much into bed sharing. My son has slept in our bed pretty much from day one. He would dream nurse and in all honesty, I absolutely loved it. I loved having him there with me to snuggle. Plus it meant that all three of us were getting more sleep than most new parents.

    My son is now 3 1/2 and still ends up in our bed almost every night. On the nights that he stays in his bed, I always have mixed emotions of pride and loneliness. It's wonderful to wake up to "Good morning mama. *big smiles*"

    With our daughter, she just did not like sleeping next to us. But we did co-sleep for the first 8 months. She would sleep in her bassinet until she was too big, then she slept in the pack n play. Then we moved her to her crib because she was going crazy in the pack n play. haha She ends up in our bed some nights. But it only happens once or twice a month. I love it when it does. It's like an awesome vacation (haha most people want to get away from their kids, and we think it's awesome when they are closer to us)!

    I think most people are misinformed about co-sleeping and bed sharing. It can be wonderful and help the whole family get more sleep.


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