Our first time Babywearing in the NICU or "Rooing"
We babywear  Lil' C anytime we are in public.  We do this for 2 reasons, ease of movement and health reasons. 

A few weeks ago our town had "Day in the park", which I have attended nearly every year of my life.  Small vendors come from all around (one lady came from Florida to MS!).  There were plants, local authors selling their books, knife salesmen, Pillowcase dresses EVERYWHERE, some cute baby clothes, Funky hats, ceramics, singing on the green, plus food vendors.  There is also children's fun jumps and etc. there. I swear I hunted for a good pic... but there wasn't one...
There were tons of other kids and parents there.  Our park has tiny little side walks so it is difficult to get through the booths when your alone and much worse towing kids.... The stroller moms seemed to be the most frustrated.   I on the other had Lil' C in a DIY baby ring sling.  I was able to zip through the crowd much faster than even my bulky DH Big C.  

Wearing him also keeps him separate from other people when we are in public.  Since Lil'C being a NICU grad he is susceptible to illnesses.   How many times have you seen little kids coming to look at the cute baby in the stroller?  One of the things our Dr told us admittedly told us to do is to keep him away from "snot nosed kids."   When wearing him, kids and adults can only get so close.  Even if they do then anything he is exposed to I am as well, since I tend to be the one who wears him the most.  Since we are BFing that means he gets the antibodies from me, which helps ward off anything he is exposed to.  
How well does this work?  Lil' C did not go back into the hospital till 3 months after he got out of the NICU..  For the non NICU people, that's good.  His nurses were shocked.  They said that most are back within a few weeks, some by the next week.
An added benefit is that he can nurse at whenever he wants, and I can continue to do whatever I want, or whatever I need to do. 
It has allowed me to nurse in church, at the grocery store and even at the buffet at a local Chinese restaurant.   The best part?  Most of the time, no one but us has a clue!
Come back later this week for a DIY babywearing sling!
Marathon while baby wearing.. oh.. and I think I'm nursing in that pic..

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