C-Section. my opinion.

Emergencies happen.
When you are a mom of a NICU baby you more than likely had a C-section.  It usually comes with the territory.  I posted on my Facebook page after Lil'C was born about how I don't get how anyone would choose to go through that.  The pain, the pills, the separation from your child, etc.   I wanted to have a standard un-medicated delivery.. which is about as far as possible from what I got.   The life of my son was worth it.   I still don't understand why anyone would choose major abdominal surgery instead of a natural process. 
One "friend's" response was "To save your Vah-Jay Jay!"    I didn't respond to her.. the only thought running through my head was... "really???  Your hubby is failing at his job then... " but I of  course did not tell her that.

To me having an elective C-section is either stupidity or ignorance.   Ignorance I can excuse... I know there are things I have done in my life where I just didn't know any better.   I know there are things I have also done out of stupidity.. but I didn't put someone else at risk.
To me it would be like someone having a elective appendectomy.. or an elective colostomy.  Major abdominal surgery..  because you felt like it.  Because you want it on your time...  an appendectomy because you would rather schedule it than have it  happen to happen at a "bad" time.  Or a colostomy because your afraid of the pain of "pooing" ... really???
My ride to the hospital

I have the ability to compare my sisters natural delivery to my high medical intervention C-section.  My sister was up walking and doing things as soon as the Dr was!  I on the other hand (who all the nurses said was the fastest they had seen) was hobbling around about 17 hours post delivery.  My sister was to her normal activities almost immediately..  I couldn't walk with out assistance for days, go up stairs for weeks, walk at a decent speed for a month or so... 
Plus C-sections hurt your milk supply.. (we all know how I feel about that..)
On top of all that... a C-section greatly raises your chance of death, and your your child's chance of death, asthma, NICU time, etc. 
Why?  please someone explain to me why?  would you CHOOSE to have a c-section?

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  1. I'm with you on this one. I had an Urgent C with my first due to broken water, breech, failed version combination (Dr was amazing and did everything he could to prevent that), and a failed VBAC with #2 (different dr and regret that I gave into his slight but still there pressure after 9 hours of non-progression). Even though my recoveries were miraculously easy, and I know firsthand that some are absolutely necessary for that baby and/or mom's help. I really don't understand why someone who had the option of a vaginal birth would choose a c-section. When I get preg again I am really hoping and going to work for a VBA2C!


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