Flats Challenge

We only partally praticipated in the challenge.  Lil' C did get some flats in his rotation.. Well .. flannel blanket "flats".
I started using them for a nasty antibiotic induced yeast diaper rash.  Pairing that with Nystatin cleared it up pretty quickly.
How did I know it was yeast?  Pretty easy actually..   Ever heard how "lactivists" say to put breastmilk on everything?  Well that is the easiest way to check a rash.  Put a little breastmilk on it.  A Yeast rash will get worse by the next diaper change, everything else will start to get better (except maybe a "dry max" induced chemical burn.. but in cloth you don't have to worry about that)  So checked it, it got worse and started using the Nystatin.  Then it began healing quickly.
I'm still keeping the "flats" in rotation to use at home... and I really looking into getting a snappi...  I want one.....

So who did the flats challenge?  Did you learn something new?  Are you going to keep using flats?  Are you going to keep handwashing?


  1. He's adorable! I LOVE your blog design and header :) Came from Single dad laughing's will work for followers :) I'd comment there but can't for some reason. I agree with Heather on the green font and header but you have a great site! Look forward to reading more!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  2. Thanks for the check on my blog! I think I was right in the middle of redoing some things when you first stopped by. I'm definitely going to check out the LinkWithin, great idea. I feel like I'm in way over my head with the design, right now I'm just trying to work within the template I have set. Hoping to be able to put some $ in for a custom design soon!

    As far as the way things look here, it seems like I agree with Mel and Heather, you've done a GREAT job, but the lime green font in the sidebars is a bit difficult to read and tires my eyes out. Maybe a bit darker would help without losing the fresh feel?

    Excited to read more from you!



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