Flats Challenge

Lot's of wiggling going on
Next week is the DDL Flats Hand-washing Challenge.   For me it could not have come at a better time.  Lil' C is cutting teeth.  How does cutting teeth and a hand-washing challenge have anything to do with one another?  More than you would expect.  Cutting teeth causes ALOT of drool... Which in turn causes diarrhea... which causes some BAD diaper rash..  (Seriously... the last time his bum looked like this was when he had to wear Pampers Ultra Dry in the hospital).

Cute prints :D
So I'm giving my Smartipants a break for a bit, and letting him wear Flannel "Flats"  .. ok .. they aren't really flats.. they are some of his TONS of flannel receiving blankets he used while in the NICU.  They work great.
I'm giving the smartis a break because one of the best things you can do for a diaper rash is to let it air out as much as possible.  Flannel which is 100% cotton is really absorbent & breathable.  If he was walking we would be hanging out outside sans-diaper.   Flannel also feels damp to the touch as soon as it is wet, which allows me to change him immediately. 
I may actually decide to continue using my "Flannel Flats" on a regular basis from now on.  They will probably stay folded in their Diaper fold in the drawer from now on.

My receiving blanket stash, awaiting application.
I'm still not sure if I will participate in the hand-washing challenge.... probably not... but the hand-washing callenge has made access to flat diapering procedures easy to find.
I really wish I had a Snappi right now though...  Instead I'm using quilting pins since they are curved and are less likely to poke him.

I used the Origami fold.  There is also the Kite and Pad fold
Helpful DIY diapering for cheap/Free links:

CottonBabies: Almost Free Diapers
Real Diaper Association: they have info and assistance programs
DDL: washing without a washer in a bucket
Change Diapers.com: washing in a tub

check out the new linked up tab above to find great linkies!

Are you praticipating in the flats challenge?
What would you do if you had to choose between groceries and diapers?  What do you do about diaper rash?


  1. I'm a new follower from the WW4F blog, I saw some comments you left and popped over for a look. It's so great that you even considered the Flats Challenge (I'm assuming since you haven't blogged more on it you decided to pass this time), I jumped in with both feet and then upped the ante a bit.

    I was wondering if you would stop by my blog when you had a few min and give me some feedback on layout/design etc? And if you feel so inclined as to follow I definitely wouldn't mind that either! Thanks!


  2. I actually have a post coming up tomorrow about the challenge. :P


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