Doggy Mom, no more...

Azul at 6 weeks old
Our little family of 4 went down to 3 last night.
Big C, my brother and a family friend decided to practice at our home-made shooting range last night, in the dark.
The dogs were playing around the range and the guys tried to keep them under control.  They even tied up one of them who loves to chase bullets, fireworks and sparks, but Azul was so well trained... and his collar was missing.  They tried to keep him sitting next to them but apparently he walked around the back and worked his way down range of the shooting range without them realizing it.

A single shot to the back of the head severed his spinal cord, he never knew what happened.
They realized something was wrong when he didn't come when they called him, after they realized he was missing.
RIP Azul.  My giant well behaved puppy. 

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