Mario Brother's Star Blanket

check it out.. I actually remembered to post. This is the project I'm working on for the other preg friend. Her and her husband are major geeks(they had Han Solo & the princess on their wedding cake, was very cute.) To see what it will actually look like finished- .
I have been working on it for the past couple days. I didn't get to work on it long yesterday. I got to the point where if I work on it to long my wrist starts to hurt. so I'm working on it in spurts now. I've had more trouble with crochet hooks with it so far. I have been trying to work on it on my breaks at work.. The first day I had the wrong size hook. Day two.. I brought everything BUT the hook.. Today I actually remembered everything :D So we will see how much I get done on it.

Geek Baby Hat

I finished a cute little hat for a co-worker of mine. Her baby shower is this weekend. She's having a boy, but I randomly found the pattern on Rav (see fav links --->) It took me two days to finish it. which isn't bad. I ended up playing around with the pattern a bit.
It seems like right now that there are a lot of baby showers. Three chics in my age group from church and at least the one coworker are all at least in the 2nd trimester. I'll post pics soon of the gift for one of the other girls, I also finished it this weekend. I really had a crafty weekend. Finished a hat, a stuffed animal and actually got to go to hobby lobby for the supplies for a baby afghan for yet another preg friend. So I should actually be updating soon!

The Tribble

My father says they look like Star Trek Tribbles. If you make yours into a purse you will have people petting your purse (yes, I’m serious.)
I have made MANY of these. VERY easy! This works up extremely quickly. I can make 1 in 2 hours.

for those who need a good pattern…
here is a simple hat pattern.

for the brave: (my 1st time to write down a pattern, so qritiques welcome)

Supplies: 1 skein Lyon Brand Fun Fur. (color of your choice, this one is the green/blue, whites, blacks and browns end up looking the most like tribbles)
K Hook
Tapestry needle (Ball only)
needle and tread (for purse only)

Gauge: 1 stitch per inch
stitches are supposed to be loose. when working the dcs don't put your hook under the "v" just go through the big part in the stitch.
row 1: c6, join to 1st c.
row 2: c3, dc11 in ring.
body of tribble: increase 6 dc every row. it does not have to be exact. when you feel that it is big enough (I usually check to make sure it can fit on my head) stop inc and just put dc even.
continue until your 1 skein runs out of yarn.
yes, use the ENTIRE skein.

Hat: leave it there and you have a hat.
Ball: stuff with fiberfill and run yarn end through the top stitches, cinch and tie off, and you have a ball. to make different size balls increase less and don't used as much of the skein.

Purse: weave ribbon (or a long c of the same or contrasting yarn) through the top row and sew the ends to one of the dc posts and you have a purse.

as a purse it can hold ALOT!! (no I do not normally carry a wii remotes just wanted to show some of what it can hold.) I have carried books in some of them.

I made 32 of the balls in diffrent sizes and diffrent colors for a sculpture project once, I used clear sewing tread to hang them from the ceiling at diffrent heights. when the wind blowed they would sway. It look really neat, but I do not have pictures as this was years ago and I gave away most of them.