Anti-We Generation

Ok, so if you haven't figured it out yet.. I'm a bit of a conservative, 'specially when it comes to ProLive v. ProChoice.  So, This I just have to share.  If you haven't heard about the "We Movement".. It's basically the Liberals trying to get the younger vote.  I.E, those born after 1970, which includes me.  Now why do they need to push so hard?  Well.. What ELSE happened in 1970?  You guessed it... Roe v. Wade!  When abortion became legal, Liberals aborted their unwanted children, conservatives did not.  Due to this, there are more conservatives under the age of 30 than their are liberals. It's called the Roe v. Wade Effect.  ProLifers are in a rather large majority in that age range, mostly because they feel similar to how I do.  My mom decided to have me, what right do I have to tell someone they can't have what I have?  Life v. Choice is a more daily issue with us.  I have many friends who were born to single mothers, came from poor families, were adopted (My hubby being one of them), and just generally unexpected pregnancies.  I think on a regular basis about how it would have been if these people who I deeply care about weren't around.  What my life would be like if I never met them at all.
A little while back I heard about the "We Movement".  It's a crock, plus the democrats have been ticking me off regularly. Seriously?  You wanted me aborted? Now you want me to vote for you?  Uh huh.. that's like voting Charlie Manson or one of the Columbine boys as president..  Not. Gonna. Happen.

So.. what are your thoughts?


  1. It is a stretch for me to connect the 'We Gen' to abortion as you did in this post. I will be deleting your blog from my reader.

  2. and you are welcome to your opinion.


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