Mended Heart Thanks

So I came up with this a little while back while writing Thank you notes for Lil'K's baby shower gifts. Later, when I was tired, I just used some basic ones.. And apparently upset some people. Little did I know that the ladies at church were talking about my cute cards and those that got the basic ones were confused about what was so great about the cards... Oops.
So I now make these for every thank you card that we need to make as a family.

Now if you want to copy the idea to use for your family/gifts go right ahead. Please don't sell them and if you post some you made from the idea.. Please link back. It's only polite. I would also love if you link to a post of one you made to see the different styles :)


Family of 4

A week before
Well lil'k made her appearance before the end of February.. Barely.

During reading bedtime stories to lil'c I felt a pop, similar to sitting on a balloon. I stopped and waited a second thinking she had either head-butted my pelvis or my water had broken, when nothing happened for a second I figured it was a head butt and went back to reading.

Then someone peed in my pants..