Jedi Bath Robe

For Christmas I made my DH a Jedi Bath Robe. I found the pattern on
although I did make a few adjustments.
I got 4 yards of fabric... well my DH is not a small man.. I should have gotten 5. Because of this I had to make the hood in 3 parts. Each side & the front band (6" wide for 16" folded in half) I used a 1/2" hem all around.

The fun part of the project was getting the measurements... like I said it was a Christmas gift... I used one of hubby's dress shirts to get most of the measurements. I used my younger brother's head for hood measurements.
The biggest problem was getting the "top of shoulder to floor" & "underarm to floor" I enlisted the help of my father for that one. He was gonna kinna stand by hubby & "eyeball" where those spots fell on him so I could measure him instead. But instead of that... Hubby ended up coming inside & hugging me... so I kinna snuggled up to him & measured it on me :P apparently his underarm is right at my top shoulder height & the top of his shoulder is right under my chin.
Then I had to lock him out of the room to be able to sew it. I had to use my poor brother again to hem the bottom. It was pretty funny.. Hubby is 5'10", Brother is 6'2". Hubby is built like a football player... brother is built like a basket ball player... it was SOOOOOO funny to see him in the robe. I had to squish the shoulders us so that the hem fell flat.

Something that I had found out a few weeks ago... my thigh is the same around as my hubbys upper arm! Guess how I measured the fit of the arm holes :P yep.. wore the thing like pants. :P

I also added loops for the belt (added along the hemline)

and after all this... he figured out what it was before he opened it... *sigh* oh well. He LOVES the thing. It's very warm. I made it out of "No Pill Fleece" which I got at 50% off from Joanns (WOOTTT!!!)

Now hubby wants me to make another one... for the baby. I think I may just make a hooded towel.. 17 weeks down 23 weeks to go..


  1. Ha ha, that looks awesome! The hood looks like it falls really well too. I am so jealous. Great job!

  2. Wow, I wish I was as skilled with sewing! It's certainly a lot faster than crocheting, but I always hated measuring/cutting things out. ^_^;;

  3. Yeah.. I tend to sew when I don't want to take the time to crochet... or if the project just calls for it (like the robe)


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