Just Swell..

So, some fun changes over the past few days..   I have begun swelling.. yeahhhhhh...  I've had to remove my ring, which makes me basically feel naked, and my feet are swelling.  I emailed my Dr (yes, emailed. Isn't she awesome!) and told her about the swelling & about my blood pressure being up.  I'm normally 110/70 and at the dentist Monday I was 140ish/90ish. For me that is a rather large jump.  I was also having painful contractions this past weekend that got worse when I was standing. All-in-all, not good.   I'm blaming the contractions on exercise.  I took my dog for a walk, which I haven't been doing since we moved from the city. He has miles to run & rabbits to chase, so a walk isn't necessary.  It was his birthday so I took him to the pond & threw sticks in the water for about a half hour or so.  Which apparently my preg body wasn't used to...  I ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch, timing contractions.

Well good news.  I'm 26 weeks today. Hopefully everything will be ok & he will stay where he is for awhile.

Update on the Wishpot thing.  I'm really liking it thus far.  I have yet to hear anything from people using my regester yet.  I really like that you can use items from ANY online store, from Wal-Mart to tiny WAHM shops (you can even use it on ETSY!)  The only issue I have thus far is that it takes SOOOO LONG to load the "add to my wishpot" pop-up.  Other than that I'm really liking it.  I suggest anyone with a internet shop to add a link to wishpot so you can have a "registry" with out having to have an actual registry.  I also think  every Bride or Mom-to-be should have a wishpot, especially us net happy ones.
It also has some other great features other than just registries.  You can also make shopping and gift lists. Like that oh-so-fun Christmas list.  You can make lists private, wishpot friend only or open to everyone.  The coolest feature to me is that it has a Facebook app for your profile, in other words... all my facebook friends can see my wishpot registry from my profile!
Cool huh?

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