Baby update

Well me & baby are doing ok for now... I have preeclampsia and got up
to 170/100.. We were hospitalized & then on the sonogram they found
out that Christopher has a heart condition and is measuring 4 weeks to
small.. We are now hospitalized in one of the 2 hospitals in the
country that have a chance of saving him.. I swear it feels so
sureal... We have become the big story.. My sister even started a
facebook group called "prayers for christopher" with about 100 members
in 24 hrs... It is so weird
I have been knitting & crocheting to keep myself busy & control my
blood pressure.
I've already made 2 pairs of booties (crocheted) and 2 hats
(knitted). Many thanks to Moon'sHoller for her premie IV cover
pattern. I have made one of those already & plan to make more to share
with christopher's friends. I will post the other patterns later,
along with pics :)

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