Baby is growing & Major updates

Sorry it took me so long to get back on here.  Christopher was born on March 19. at 1lb 4oz.  He is currently 2lb 4oz.  Christopher's FB group now has 546 members.  It is still really crazy.  Some days are good, some are ok and some are AWFUL! There have been about 3 days that we wouldn't leave because we were afraid he was going to die at any minute.  There have also been somedays that everything is going good and we make plans about what we are going to be doing when we gets big and strong enough to go home.  It really is a big roller coaster.
Here's my adorable son :D

I have completed alot of projects, 4 IV caps (one Micropremie sized),  One newborn knitted hat along with froggy booties (I'll have to write the patten up later...), a hat.. and I'm not even sure what else. Everything kind of runs together right now.
I am in the process of makng Micropremie cloth diapers.  I don't think Christopher will ever get to wear them.  I want to make some little testers so tiny works.  I'll prob end up giving the to my niece for her to use on her dolls.

A few project pics.

Here is the IV cap I was telling ya'll about.
and the IV cover cap pattern:
Christopher in the Micopremie one
cute huh?  :)  he got to wear it when I got to rock him.  I have only gotten to rock him once at 5 weeks.  That was one of the bad days.  They didn't think he was going to make it.  Me rocking him was a last resort, because they couldn't think of anything else they could do for him.  So I rocked him for 2.5 hours..  until he had to go back in his bed for care.

Froggy set!  I'll have to write up the pattern for these.  BTW... I made the hat while on Magnesium and suffering light sensitivity... so I wore my sleeping mask.  Yep, I made it blind. :D  That's how easy that pattern is :P
Eventually I will have to write up the birth story...  I hope mine never becomes the norm.

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