New Pattern & Rooming-in

I finally finished a pattern! Maybe I'm finally getting this mom thing down! (yeah... Suuurrreee) I created this little hat months ago.. Right before we left the hospital. I made it for a NICU neighbor of Christopher's. He got there around the same time we did. From what I understand he got to go home shortly after us. 

I made it while we were Rooming-in. Rooming-in is when the parent(s) stay with the baby in a special room connected to the NICU. It's like being at home except you have a nurse you can get if you need one.
Rooming-in is usually reserved for the parents who rarely come to visit their sick baby with a complicated condition. Most of the nurses laughed when they first found out that we would have to room-in. Considering we had spent 14-16 hrs/day almost every day he was there, and we were always there at least once/day.
But the reason we were there was due to Christopher's issue with bottles. it would take him 45min to get 20cc. He still has issues today, but he doesn't have any trouble Breastfeeding, which supports what the AHA says about heart issue babies.
Until that point he was still getting tube feedings at night (mommies need sleep!) and rooming-in was the first time he got to nurse around the clock. It was also the first time we got to co-sleep :)
He did fantastic and we got to go home :)

Check out the diapers on the monkeys in the room-in room!

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