Things you learn in the NICU

Issoletes can be rocked
You have never changed a dirty diaper until you have changed one through a porthole
C-pap means spit machine
CC and ml are the same thing (why does it need two names?)
Kangaroo is a wonderful word
Heelstick is not
Next week could mean next month or tommorow.
Don't worry till the nurses do
Sleep is your friend... Along with wireless Internet.
Breastpumping is a compeditive sport
Passies make everything better.
Jaundace is the least of your worries
Breastfeeding in the NICU is a whole other level of "Nursing in Public"
Going home day is worth the wait!

I hope you enjoyed the NICU mom humor ;)

Sometimes you just enjoy the humor.
Christopher is home and doing great :)

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