War of the Thermostat

Preparing for the move to the big boy bed!
The day finally came where Lil'C was big and stable enough to move to a new bed, one without a heating system.   We  continued to do the swaddle blankets but now he got to wear clothes and be held and read to and played with(some, on good days).  It was one happy day, but...

Our NICU had a lovely AC system.. (read sarcasim here)  It was two giant rooms holding up to 50 beds each.  Every pod (up to 6 beds) had their own thermostat... and unfortunately the nurses did not always agree on the temps..
Blankets are Snugglie
It's Warm in here!
The day nurse would think it was to cold  (I couldn't feel my toes!!) so the AC would be turned off or way up..  Then by the time the night nurse got their it was boiling... so it would be turned down..  Do you see a pattern developing here?  To make matters worse sometimes next door neighbor pods would be set at different temps.. their was no separator!! *Sigh* Lil'C almost got put back in a tank for not being able to regulate his temp!  I told them that I couldn't either!!! I don't remember much trouble after that.

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