"I need a pattern!" tutorial :)

Have you ever had one of those moments were your like.. "oh that is so cute!  If I only had the pattern..."  Well... If your creative, you don't necessarily have to have one!  :)  Granted I do suggest having a good sewing How-to book (This is the one I suggest, It's what I use!) since you won't have pattern instructions, and you may want to have a good seam ripper... Cuz you'll use it...
Gather your supplies :)

overlap and tape pieces if your paper is to small

Ok.. Instructions!
Supplies: Scissors, Pencil, Marker, Tissue paper/muslin/whatever paper you have on hand, similar item(s) to what you are wanting to create and possibly tape.  You may need to overlap pieces to give you a large enough surface.  I actually prefer to use Muslin or old sheets if I'm planning on making the pattern more than once.
Trace your edges with a pencil

First lay out your paper and put your item on it and trace the flat piece.. Every seam is a separate piece!
You want to work with as flat a piece as possible.  Clothing is actually a  flat surfaces hinged  together to wrap around a round object, so keep that in mind.
if your making pants, keep your folds flat to trace the seam

If you are creating an item that is different from the item your using to get the lines and measurements you may need to use more than one item to get all the lines you need.  Like if you need to know where the arm hole should end... 
use multiple pieces to get  the right lines if necessary

Once you get the lines and measurements worked out you can make adjustments to the pattern, like changing the neckline.

readjust lines if you need to
 Once you have made all your adjustments, you will add all your seam allowances, use your marker.  That way it is easier to make sure your cutting the correct line.

use a marker to mark cutting lines, don't forget to add seam allowances
And now you are ready to create your item, with your own custom made pattern :)
Tah Dah! pattern!

So what am I making?  Find out next week. :D
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