Getting connected

Lil' C on a good day..
I have been following Dan (of Single Dad Laughing) on his newest endevor, Will work for followers.  I'm trying to get this blog up and out there.  It's has been kinna stuck.  Well today I'm going to TRY adding twitter.....  I have never had twitter... nor ever had the urdge to tweet...  I was actually kinna proud of that fact.  I have enough websites I'm a member of!  I still have my MySpace!.. even though I haven't looked at it in in almost a year.. it's probably still there....

I also have my own Facebook, Lil'C's Facebook... soon to be FIS Facebook.. (yeah.. another Dan suggestion...), Ravelry, Photobucket, Blogger (duh), Wishpot, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Excite, Messengers out the wazzoo...  I mean really???   How "connected" do I need to be?  But I'm willing to try...
I really want my NICU knowledge available to other NICU families...  *sigh* so here it goes...
He says its easy...   www..  Crud.. Lil'C is awake....   yes yes.. I hear you...  That wasn't much of a nap mister..   You hungry?  you just ate..  Lets try and go back to sleep...    ok...   How about playing then.. here.. toys..  no don't throw them.. *sigh*  here..  name.. sign in.. check email...   ok.. change grava-whatever
Toy.. here.. play..
set the Bio..   save..
Toy. .
ack it didnt take.
toy?. not working.. rock, rock & smackral??... come on grumpy... sleep is our friend..
come on ... sleep
hey it did take... now to follow Dan.. and Bethany..  huh.. she has 2.. ok..   What was the next step??  ok read his "new to tweeting" post... and the "here's how it works"..  jezz this is complicated...
pat pat rock rock..T cant type and rock at the same time.. mobile mouse to the rescue!
gez this confusing..  sleep!! I know you need sleep!
 I' m hating Twitter already!  Is this ANOTHER profile page to check everyday?? what was that app..
ok.. lets try changing your diaper..  .  AGHHH..  I'm almost out of diapers!..  I have to get those covers to dry..   Play for 1 min...   moved to dryer..   covers to air dry....     lets try this rock rock thing again...   and a calm mommy...  ....   .....
(20 min)

.. they don't make it for iPhones yet...  okk.. the other one then. Yeah!  Push notifications!
now to make a blog facebook page... How do I do that, again?
please don't rain.. please don't rain.. ack. it's about to rain.. 

Elapsed Time 2 hours and @froginstitches is now up

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