T-Shirt Skirts!

Finally a tutorial right???
I caught a sale at hobby lobby on T-shirts and loaded up (I couldn't even buy the amount of fabric in the shirts for the price I got!! Somewhere around $1.. ) and I have been planing on making  a T-shrit dress and a skirt for me..  Well the T-shirt dress was a massive fail...  I tried to get creative with the top and used one of my current tops to size for it... the only problem is that the shirt I used is a little high in the bust.. and with the loose back of the T-shirt.. oh .. just so much fail... So the Dress ended up becoming 2 skirts.  :)  So, I ended up making 3 out of the deal.
Lets start with the Supplies ..
  • Ball point Needle (THIS IS IMPORTANT if you don't want runs in your skirt like you get in pantyhose!)
  • Matching color thread.. (I used white because it's easier to see & everything else is still packed!)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Patchance
  • For Green Skirt- 1 T-Shirt 3+ sizes larger than what you normally wear.  (I usually wear a M.. that shirt is an XL)
  • For each Blue Skirts- 1.5 shirts..  You need 1 for each color, use as many or as few as you want.
Cutting Pattern
For the Green one you will need to cut your T-Shirt like the Cutting Pattern Image.  For the blue two you will need to remove the band for the neckline and the bottom part of the shirt..  Everything else can go in your scrap pile or the trash.
You will want to use a ZigZag stitch or a Serger since you will be working with knit fabric, other wise your stitches will pop the first time you wear it.
For the green skirt you will need to make sure you Sew the sides of the top piece together then follow these directions.  (She even shows you how to add flowers.. I just didn't want to)

Sew your strip together.
For the blue skirts..  Cut strips out of the body fabric about 1/2" taller than you want your stripes.  (Don't forget to subtract those 1/2"s when your are calculating your desired length!) Sew the stripes together.

Sew the ends of the neck together, so that you are left with a full loop.
Sew the neck together
Make sure they match before sewing.. Pinning helps.
Baste a Zig Zag stitch along the top of the of your skirt.  Knot off the bobbin thread and pull the spool tread to create a ruffle.  Pin your "neck" to one side the pull and even your ruffles out until they are even and the waist and "neck" band match.

Flipped edges will mess up your seams! Keep 'em flat!
I love a scallop decorative hem.. :)
You can use the hem from the T-shirt, pull it out and go hemless or create a decorative hem.  It's entirely up to you :)
And Linked to Tea Rose home, so many stuff to see there..  :D

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