Saving Your Sanity

Bored parents are easy to spot
The NICU is not really a comfortable place.. It is a medical place, there are things you can do to make it more comfortable for you and your child.
Our hospital had wireless internet, which was a huge blessing! It kept us from loosing our MINDS!!

C and Lil' C being as comfortable as possible
I used my Ipod Touch to surf the web, read blogs, facebook, and just generally kill time. My Hubby did the same on his IPhone. Our nurses did not have an issue as long as we were not loud. It allowed us to be there with Lil C whenever he needed us and allowed us to relax when he slept, and boy do they sleep. The NICU really is a "Hurry up and Wait" kinna place. It can go from 0-90 in seconds.
We also brought books to read and my laptop when I started having to go back to work part time, I did some of it from the NICU. I also did some knitting, crochet and hand-sewing, I just had to keep everything compact.

Sleeping... is frowned upon.  I dad told us he would wake up saying "Amen" :P
Just try not to get them on you!
There are still times when you have to leave, and you should, but you can always look into ways to make it a bit more comfortable and save your sanity...  Just make sure you ask the nurses first!  There will be things that you will need to to to sterilize yourselves any anything you bring in.  I don't want to know how many times I had to Cavi-wipe my devices!!

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