Long weekend.

so.. long weekend. I really didn't get anything to speak of done on the Mario blanket. I usually work on crochet project when we drive on the weekends.. unfortunately.. DH's license is suspended.... yeah......... so lots of driving for me for the next 3 months.

We did end up going to visit a friend yesterday. Lots of good food and some odd conversation. Months ago she wanted me to make her a crocheted grocery bag. I kept the project at her house and worked on it there. I pretty much finished it, it's to the point of useable. I just need to add the bottom section to ball it up in. Her son aka "kitten" fell in love with it, as you can see.

A few weekends ago I made a little dog for one of my friends who is expecting and I forgot to take pics of it before I gave it to her. So she was nice enough to take pics for me. :)

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