DIY Camera softie

No I did not create the original tutorial.  I found it here at Pink stitches which I found at Craft Gossip... If you don't know about Craft Gossip, you should!  And yes... you may just hate me for showing you.

I made this little orange camera for my niece's 3rd birthday gift.  My sister (her mother) is a professional photographer.  Her response on seeing the camera?  "It says Canon on it because it is well made!"  :P    Can you tell what brand all her cameras are?  :P

I made a few changes to the tutorial.  I used black fabric for the front circle as well as a vinal circle and stitched them on together.  It really helps the look.. in my opinion.
I also added a few more buttons to make it look more like her mom's cameras.

All of the buttons are machine sewed but I double knotted the threads on each side to help keep the buttons in firm position because her little sister is only 6 months old and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  Gotta keep the baby safe!

I also left the top of the clear back piece open so that she can change the pictures out if she wants.  What do you think?

Little picture in the back

Little picture half in and half out of the picture pouch

A better view of the front "lens" double layered fabric


  1. DUDE! That camera is too stinking cute! must have that for Devonny! :)
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  2. wow GK- yeah.. I'm not a fan of the captia either.. unless you have a sudden rash of spam comments. Otherwise it is pointless and annoying!
    I'm not much of a Give-away blog reader... I just don't have the time. I haven't read my regular blogs in almost a week!
    I'll try and comment for you. If my computer doesn't die! Thanks for the comment & glad you liked the camera!

  3. This came out really cute! I hope your niece liked it! And thanks for linkin back to me :-)

  4. Love this camera- you did a great job! and yes, craftgossip is awesome!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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