Family Adventure

Sorry about Friday folks.   It was a crazy week...  On Thursday Lil'C had a checkup with his cousin Lil'E.  Yep.. two infants at a Dr appointment at one time, and both getting shots.  They both calmed down pretty quickly.  After that I started having a health issue and ended up in the ER.  Lil'C stayed home with my family while hubby, my mom and myself was at the hospital.   Mom left earliest and stayed with Lil'C until we got home sometime after midnight.  All in all.. I'm ok but have to take it easy for a bit.
Wait till I tell you about the booby traps I got because of all that!  It was hard not to laugh in the face of some "medical professionals"  but more on that later. 
Also this week is our church's VBS.  What kind of art teacher would I be if I didn't help with crafts? .... I'm not so good at taking it easy....     We're doing "Pandamania" it's ... interesting.  I came into it kinna last minute so they ended up getting mostly "pre-packaged" crafts...  and if you have ever done those you will know that they don't usually take long to do.   So I'm working on coming up with some ideas for filler crafts. 
Got any ideas?? 

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