What we have been up to..

Wow.. So it has been awhile since I have posted. I have felt kinda weird posting lately since after Lil'C's birth (almost 3 years ago!!) this kind of turned into a NICU/hospital life blog. I guess it is time to turn it more towards its original intention which was actually a journal, mostly for my projects. So we shall see how it morphes now. Piano play at Thanksgiving

Lil'K is now 9mo old and is cruising along the furniture and currently cutting 6 (YES, SIX!!) teeth. Lil'C has done away with the walker and now has ankle braces that he has almost grown out of, his ankles are getting much stronger and his left foot only needs it to keep him balanced while his right still needs the support. He now has over 100 signs at last count. He knows all his letters and colors. He has been recently started spelling :)
 CAT took more work than DOG
In other news I have become addicted to Instagram and Pintrest. My mother has told me that she didn't realize how funny I was until I began sending her my instagrams... Go figure.
 Post recent first haircut
I'm also going to have to change my comment settings due to all the Bots I have been getting lately.. :(
So what have you been up to? And did ya miss me? ;) 

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