Christmas projects

So I'm trying to get myself back on a regular posting schedule.. we will see how that works.
I figured it would be fun to post some of my Christmas projects :) I made a ton of them!  But by far my favorite was my nephew's "Fort Kit."  The idea, of course, came from pintrest.
My nephew is really into video games, obsessed would be putting it lightly. During one of his visits with me we made a fort, inspired by All for the Boys "Fort Friday".

He LOVED it.  So when I saw This Pin  I knew EXACTLY what he was getting for Christmas!  And then I ran across Ikat Bag's  Tutorial for This Bag and knew I had to make him one!
This is what I came up with...
The bag
I made it a little larger than the tutorial called for and lined it with some gray canvas to make it stiffer.  I used the grey fabric to make some piping for the bottom (Yep MADE!) using No Big Dill's lovely Continuious Bias Tute and another tute that I can't find at the moment. Hopefully I can add it later.
When to make the bag lined I just created two bags (one striped, on canvas) and stuffed the canvas one inside the striped one seams together. I surged the tops of the two bags together and created a fold over hem.  The inner bag doesn't have the piping or the cinch straps. I highly suggest Ikats tutorial if only for the sewing corners info... it gave me a *face palm* moment :P 
Happy nephew in the fort
Here is the Nephew loving his kit :)
Three boys in a fort
Here is Hubby, Lil'C and the Nephew enjoying the kit :P
Some other gifts
My Yarn gifts of the season... yes there is a pair of "boob" hats.  They are adult sized :P
I made so many more things but didn't get pictures of it all, but the worst part.. some of the gifts haven't been sent off yet!

You can follow me on Pintrest! You are welcome to leave me comments reminding me to blog :P

What did you make this Christmas and are you obsessed with Pintrest too?

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