Ugly Patterns

Hi ya!
Have ya'll seen the "You can't judge a pattern by it's cover" Series that Simple Simon & Co are doing?  Hillarious and SHOCKING!
Seriously the Tulip swim suit bra??

You have got to see what she did with that one... I actually have the pattern she used to fix it... a project I have been meaning to do for my sister's youngest for a year now... oops... sorry sis.

To go along with their post I decided to post some of the patterns I can get to... Most of my lovies are packed as we are moving..... again...
But I managed to root out a few.
Is it me or does she look like she is doped up?

Unisex... with embroidery patterns included... plaid.  Best part... my Grandmother has notes on the back of this envelope...

The giant flowers. the unflattering drape oh and that neckline... elastic.

I swear on the package this material looks like terry...

Got any ugly patterns in your stash? Share them on Simple Simon and Co with me! :)


  1. I LOVE this collection and I have (no lie) that EXACT SAME unisex cowboy shirt pattern---and I bought it on purpose!!!

    So so funny! Thank you for linking up to our ugly pattern party!

    1. It was fun :) Hope ya'll do it again sometime!


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