I am within that lovely "Xteneal" generation but the cusp of the "tech native" generation. When I was growing up it was odd for someone to have a computer in their home, but I grew up in the home of a computer programmer.  Most of my friends and the people I graduated with are not tech natives.
  It is interesting to me how frequently people talk about rules on technology but for me they are natural.  No screens in bedrooms, computers in public spaces, hiding passwords, etc.  
 So for me to include technology within my homeschooling was just as natural a breathing.  Lil C used to watch YouTube videos in the NICU, much to the horror of some of the nurses. 
As he grew we found new tools to teach and connect.  Technology has been his favorite of tools but there were less electronic tools as well.  

As he has grown we have regularly had to reasses our tools and methods, some more effectively than others.  
The past few years we have been using an iPad but this Christmas we changed to Amazon Fires.  
We are still learning what works best for us with the new tablets.  

The one thing that has remained rather consistent is the use of YouTube to teach new concepts. Daddy C figured out how to set us up with YouTube on our TV making sibling rivalry less of an issue when they are not fighting to watch a tiny screen.
Each week I set  a playlist for each day an the topics we will be covering that week.  For a sneak peak at our  week: 

If you checked those links often you would notice certain reaccuring channels such as 
Homeschool PopArt Hub for Kids,Have Fun Teaching, Jack Hartman, SciShow Kids and others.  

With Lil'C requiring EXTREME repetition, this allows for that without driving me insane, due to his TBI he tends to need to memorize before he can understand.  
This also means that should we need to school can be accomplished anywhere.  Including during a EKG.. and has.  Many. Many. Times. 

Some of our favorite apps:
ALL of the
Originator Apps and were the first apps added to the new tablets, I didn't even buy them before checking for combabtibility. Doodle Buddy

To name a few.  We have also been working on Google Docs and a few Dupelo apps as well.  

We are constantly updating and trying out new apps,  even more so with the new tablets.  Some transitioned and unfortunately some are not compatible with the new tablets.  

What apps do you with your kids?  Do they have their own devices, use yours or are not allowed devices at all? 

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