Busy weekend and an even buisier week

R-L Top: Purreed Pear (lil bro thinks it looks like pureed people.. ), Triple berry Jam.   R-L Bottom: Sliced pear, dehydrated pear, Gumbo Starter (mom's newest canning idea), Dehydrated apple.

So.. we've had a busy weekend here at the pond... can ya tell?

My mom did the canning.. I did a good bit of dehydrating.  Only my pears and apple leathers are in the picture everything else was still in the dehydrator.
A LOT of balloons made it to the ceiling.
Buncha balloons!
We also went to a local "Night out against Crime".. it's where a bunch of local groups (mostly church groups) get together to celebrate the start of the school year.  Backpacks full of supplies are given away along with all kinds of neat stuff.   Our group had some cute games and gave away with balloons.. which Lil' C LOVED. 
He thought the crime dog was FASCINATING!

This week we have TONS to do..
I'll start teaching again this week.  Private art lessons, which are sooooo much better that having to deal with all that bureaucratic stuff in the public school system like I had to before.  I'm looking forward to it but a wee bit nervous and hoping that my students will enjoy the classes and grow in their abilities.
Celebrate hubbies birthday, visit the Dr, and have to go visit Hubby's family....  for a few days.... ...  pray for me? Long trip with a toddler..  who.. btw.. is teething.

What is the most exhausting trip you have taken as a family?  Got any suggestions for me?

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