Easter Clothes!

Here is our Easter outfits from this year!

My sister picked up 5.5 yards of fabric in one of her adventures. 
It has a small floral print.  

For Hubby:
 I made a skinny tie using this tutorial: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2009/5/21/mollys-sketchbook-fathers-day-tie.html
I had to add about 3" overall to the pattern since my husband prefers long ties.  When I make the pattern again I will also make it wider.  
He wore his charcoal grey suit, a white shirt and silver cufflinks from my little brother's wedding

For Lil'C:
I made a bow tie using this tutorial:http://brittanyestes.com/2013/07/diy-bow-tie.html
I threaded and stitched elastic through the back and added a snap on the ends of the elastic.  I always worry about things around his neck getting caught especially since he still falls a lot.  
It was a good easy pattern, but Lil'C is fairly small so when I use the pattern again, I will make it slightly smaller. I will probably shrink it by about 25%. 
Lil'K also likes the tie and has frequently worn it as a head-band/bow :)
Lil'C also wore his charcoal dress pants, white shirt and light grey suspenders from my little brother's wedding. 

For Lil'K: 
For Lil'K's dress I used this tutorial and pattern: http://whatsmummyupto.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/tutorial-summer-frills-dress.html
I really liked it and will be making her some more.  There were a few confusing parts on the tutorial about which pieces should be cut for the bonace so read over it carefully and make sure it works right.  I also wish I had stitched the straps to the lining before putting it together so that I could have used a 1" overlay to make it more secure.  I have had to re-stitch the straps twice because Lil'K plays hard and has managed to pull them out of the seam.  
I also added a gross-grain ribbon to the bottom of the bonace allowing about a foot to hang free at the sides so I can tie it in a bow on the back.  I think it really finished it off, making it a good church dress instead of a sun dress.  
The bow came  from my MIL shortly after Lil'K was born.  It really pulled the pink flowers out of the fabric.  

For Me:
I used this tutorial and pattern as a starting point: http://verdantbents.blogspot.ca/2012/04/make-your-own-easy-top.html
I absolutely love this pattern!  I'm planning on making quite a few tops from it soon.  I already have the fabric for it, I just had to wait until I no longer had a baby bump to do it :)  Due to the elasticized neck line it works GREAT as a nursing top without looking like one.  
The tutorial is written as a top but all I Did to make it a dress was to add some length and with.  I measured from below my bust until the widest part of me (which was belly at the time, but normally would be hip).  Measure around widest part and divide by 4 and then add 1-2" for ease.  I added about 3" to make room for belly growth.  Then curve slightly down and to your desired length.   Make sure the curve is smooth or you will end up with box hips! 
The lining in the tutorial I cut off at knee length and simply surged the bottom of it. 
I then took the ruffle piece from Lil'K's dress and cut out 4 pieces.  I put that on my dress the same way I did Lil'K's to create a little echo between our dresses and a nice finished hem. 
I also added the same ribbon from Lil'K's dress at the side seam of my dress right at the under-bust elastic.  Hubby suggested it since before the back was really plain and it needed to be broken up visually.  I think it really finishes it off and gives the appearance that the ribbon runs through the under-bust casing.
When I make this pattern again I'm going to bring the neckline up an inch because it feels to low where I have it.  Having it that close to the under-bust elastic also makes my chest look smaller... Which for me isn't a good thing. 
I suggest using this tutorial to figure out where you want your neckline: http://3hourspast.com/2012/04/07/at-long-last-how-to-mess-around-with-a-neckline-without-getting-burned/
It is certainly what I should have done! 
I will also take the outer shoulders and bring them down about 1/4-1"  because they have the tendency to slide off and have to be pinned to my bra to keep them in place.  

For Baby K:
Due to how much fabric my sistergor me, I still have some left over!  I'm going to use some of the left over fabric and the following tutorial to make a matching dress for Baby K now that she has arrived! : http://www.jessiestreetdesigns.blogspot.com/2012/02/pinterest-challenge.html
I may also make her a pink bow to match Lil'K.  

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